Friday, September 27, 2013

Review:Saving Casper by:Jim Henderson

Saving Casper: A Christian and an Atheist Talk about Why We Need to Change the Conversion Conversation
About the Book:
The authors of the popular "Jim and Casper Go to Church" are back! An unlikely friendship began when former pastor Jim Henderson brought atheist Matt Casper with him to visit a series of churches and give his honest feedback on the services. Since then, Casper has spent a "lot" of time deeply engaging with Jim and other Christians. And the burning question on everyone's minds is whether Casper has been saved. In "Saving Casper," Jim and Casper engage in a new conversation about that question. Most Christians have friends like Casper--people who've heard the gospel but still say no--so what happens next? Jim and Casper reveal the surprising answers to questions like: What can an atheist teach us about how to share God with those who don't believe? What have well-meaning Christians said to Casper that has helped--or hurt--their cause? What, if anything, might bring Casper and other nonbelievers to faith . . . and why does Casper say he's closer to God now than ever before? "Saving Casper" is a groundbreaking, game-changing look at evangelism and the "conversion conversation."

About the Author:
Jim Henderson is acclaimed by USA Today for having "blazed a new path as an innovator, author, church evaluator, self-professed subversive, and leader in the creation of new ways to be publicly and persuasively Christian in the twenty-first century."

Jim is a speaker, author, and producer. His most subversive act to date was buying an atheist's soul on eBay and then sending him to attend and review several churches. On the heels of that project, Jim hired another atheist (Matt Casper) to join him at various church services and share his feedback. Together, they recount their unique findings in a book titled Jim and Casper Go to Church (Tyndale, 2007).

After twenty-five years as a pastor, Jim formed Off the Map, an organization that produced live events designed to help people recover the lost art of being "unusually interested" in others, especially Outsiders.

Today, Jim's company, Jim Henderson Presents, produces live events and television projects that look at the important role of religious spirituality in our lives. Jim is known for asking the questions others skip.

Jim holds a Doctorate in transformational leadership and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox News and This American Life with Ira Glass.

My Review:
 Saving Casper is a continuation of the book, Jim&Casper Go To Church. Where the author Jim Henderson and Matt Casper, one being a former Pastor and the other a self proclaimed Atheist set out on a journey that neither quite expected. Jim Henderson wanted to bring Matt Casper along on several trips to different churches to get honest feedback from Matt, a look at Christianity and religion from an atheists point of view, if you will.

 So in the continuation of that book the two of them join together once again to face questions that center around what an atheist could possibly teach us about how to effectively present Christianity to an atheist. And many other essentials that could help Christians advance the kingdom by better winning over these individuals.

 So journey on they did and what is revealed is something that takes us all by surprise. Many others that have followed the two of these gentlemen have wondered if Casper ever got saved and just became of the two of them,  well now is the time to find out.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Tyndale.

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