Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: When A Woman Finds Her Voice by:Jo Ann Fore

 When a Woman Finds Her Voice: Overcoming Life's Hurts & Using Your Story to Make a Difference
About the Book:
Countless women have been intimidated or shamed into silence. They have been made to feel that what they have to say isn't important or valued, their joy in life crippled by a lost voice. When a Woman Finds Her Voice equips women to take off the masks, break their silence, and live a full, free life one where their voice matters.

About the Author:
JO ANN FORE is passionate about women walking in freedom. As an author, teacher, and certified life coach, she leads women into full, free lives--lives of joy and purpose. While her own story is one of brokenness, it's also a hope-filled story where God's grace and mercy run deep. As the founder of the vibrant virtual community Write Where It Hurts, Jo Ann and her ministry team inspire women with daily doses of hope, encouragement, and practical support. Jo Ann resides in Southeast Tennessee.

My Review:
 Women have always been dubbed the weaker sex and rightfully so in some ways. They are suppose to be the more loving of the two genders but sometimes we allow that to weaken us in a time or situation when we need to face our fears and be strong. It is when we choose to rely on our Father that we find true strength. He gives us the strength to move on and forge ahead, to find a new beginning in the midst of any circumstance. God grants us so many things and among these is freedom, freedom from the evils that have blinded us to the weakened state we are in.

 In this book entitled, When A Woman Finds Her Voice, the author shares her own battles along with the stories of countless others that have found this new found freedom and have liberated themselves from the bondage's of torment and unrelenting fear. The author offers you healing words, lessons, and thought provoking questions to help you through the fog and into the path of healing. She slowly guides you towards this with her very piercing words and genuine love that she knows deeply "we" need.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from ACU/Leafwood Press.

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