Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review: Anthony Ant Goes to Egypt by:Julie Bettendorf

 Anthony Ant Goes to Egypt
About the Book:
Where Will Anthony Ant Go Next?

Anthony Ant knows how to travel in style—since he’s so small, he can go just about anywhere, unnoticed! This time, he curls up in a suitcase and gets out in Egypt, ready for the fabulous adventure of a lifetime. Anthony Ant is in Cairo, Egypt…and luckily he meets an expert tour guide, Babu Beetle. Together they explore Egypt’s history, culture, and food, with adventures including a camel ride, and a visit to the famous pyramids…and more! The second book in the Anthony Ant series continues to introduce kids to the excitement of world travel, with an enjoyable companion who is ready to share his experiences.

My Review:
 Anthony Ant can do a lot through rhythm and rhyme to teach your children a wealth of information on different cultures. Written with a very dramatic rhythmic prose, Anthony proceeds to tells us of his latest adventure to the captivating country of Egypt. Complete with the different things he sees there and the foods he has eaten, as well as a very exciting camel ride he will send your children's imagination into overdrive with the entire journey set before him. This trip Anthony is accompanied by Babu the beetle, this beetle is able to take Anthony all along Cairo--Egypt's capital on a tour he will never forget!

 The author is on to something with this series of books. My children are more apt at looking more about other cultures and faraway lands if they have a virtual tour guide at their disposal and in this case that is Anthony. Great read perfect for children that are curious about the world around them!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Bostick.