Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review: The Creole Princess by:Beth White

The Creole Princess (Gulf Coast Chronicles, #2)
About the Book:
All along the eastern seaboard, the American struggle for independence rages. In the British-held southern port of Mobile, Alabama, the conflict brewing is quieter--though no less deadly. The lovely Frenchwoman Lyse Lanier is best friends with the daughter of the British commander. Rafael Gonzalez is a charming young Spanish merchant with a secret mission and a shipment of gold to support General Washington. As their paths cross and their destinies become increasingly tangled, Lyse and Rafael must decide where their true loyalties lie--and somehow keep Lyse's family from being executed as traitors to the British Crown.

About the Author:
Beth White's day job is teaching music at an inner-city high school in historic Mobile, Alabama. A native Mississippian, she is a pastor's wife, mother of two, and grandmother of one--so far. Her hobbies include playing flute and pennywhistle and painting.

My Review:
Lyse Lanier works at the docks of Mobile, AL, to help feed her family. Being of French descent, sure doesn't mean she has an easy life. Her father being a drunkard and her brother having an anger issue, means she is constantly complying with their wishes or cleaning up their messes. When she is harassed by a sailor who has been at sea to long for his own good, a Spaniard with amazing eyes is at her rescue. He is a man of many languages and many talents. He flirts a bit to much, but he dazzles Lyse with his dramatic attitude.
Rafael Gonzalez finds Lyse Lanier both beautiful and smart. She lives a hard life but if she will allows him, he is certain he can show her the world. He seems to connstantly be in her presents but its not like he trys to stop it either. Meeting her father, Rafeal is certain he, himself, has gone mad.

Lyse worries that the man she believes she knows is just trying to flirt info from her to take back to Spain. Rafael only hopes he that he can show how he feels about her without her father wringing his neck. 

Beth White cast a story with amazing characters. I loved how funny they were, especially Rafael.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Revell.