Monday, June 8, 2015

Review: Once Upon A Summertime by:Melody Carlson

Once Upon a Summertime: A New York City Romance (Follow Your Heart, #1)
About the Book:
Managing the Value Lodge in her hometown was not what Anna Gordon had in mind when she set out in the hospitality industry. But it's a safe choice for a woman whose childhood was anything but stable. Out of the blue, she gets a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reinvent herself by moving to New York City, where she hopes for a management position at a stylish new boutique hotel. The big city is full of surprises--not the least of which is Sean O'Neil. Her childhood crush has applied for the very same position!

My Review:
Anna Gordon never imagined that she would be managing the Value Lodge in her hometown. She thought she would be living large, running a fancy hotel, but things happen and plans change. But things begin to turn up when she learns of a possible job in New York. Getting things settled at home she ventures to the big city, finding that it's like nothing she's ever seen before. Everything is bigger and brighter than what Anna's use to. She quickly signs up for the management position at a fancy, new hotel, The Rothsberg. But little does she know, that a past crush of her's has also signed up for the position. Her past crush, Sean O’Neil, is just the gentleman he has always been. As handsome and smart as ever. Something Anna didn’t plan for.

Melody Carlson is one of my many favorite author’s. Her romances are always superb and a joy to read. Once Upon A Summertime is book one in the Follow Your Heart series. This book is an amazing beginning to a sure to be an awesome series. If you love romances of any sort, you are sure to love Once Upon A Summertime.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Revell.