Thursday, July 2, 2015

Review: Her Sister's Shoes by:Ashley Farley

Her Sister's Shoes
About the Book:
Set in the South Carolina Lowcountry and packed with Southern charm and memorable characters, Her Sister’s Shoes is the story of three sisters—Samantha, Jackie, and Faith—who struggle to balance the demands of career and family while remaining true to themselves.

Samantha Sweeney has always been the glue that holds her family together, their go-to girl for love and support. When an ATV accident leaves her teenage son in a wheelchair, she loses her carefully constructed self-control.

In the after-gloom of her dreaded fiftieth birthday and the discovery of her husband’s infidelity, Jackie realizes she must reconnect with her former self to find the happiness she needs to move forward.

Faith lacks the courage to stand up to her abusive husband. She turns to her sisters for help, placing all their lives at risk.

In the midst of their individual challenges, the Sweeney sisters must cope with their mother’s mental decline. Is Lovie in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, or is her odd behavior normal for a woman her age? No one, including Lovie, understands her obsession with a rusty key she wears around her neck.
For fans of Elin Hildebrand, Her Sister’s Shoes is a contemporary women’s novel that explores and proves the healing power of family.

My Review:
Deep in the heart of South Carolina, three sisters struggle with the reality they were dealt. Each trying to grasp the meaning of it all.

Samantha's son is combined to a wheelchair, due to an ATV accident. Each day he struggles to find his use in life, each day looks grimmer and grimmer. Samantha watches as her son seems to slowly fall into depression, with nothing she can do about it.

Jacqueline has a easy life, one with no worries, or so she thought, until she learned of her husband's affair. With everything seeming to fall apart, Jackie must figure out where she stands.

Faith gives a picture perfect smile each time she sees her sisters, but behind that smile, she is falling apart at the seams, crying out in fear. With her husband beating her at home, she fears that she and her daughter will never get away.

Each sister fights to see the light, but when they are all threatened, they must confide in one another to fight the opposing threat.

Ashley Farley is an amazing writer. I really enjoyed Her Sister's Shoes. It had an amazing blend of romance and mystery. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next! You can go here to learn more about a giveaway that the author is hosting.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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