Friday, July 14, 2017

Review: The Wisdom of God by:A.W. Tozer

 The Wisdom of God: Letting His Truth and Goodness Direct Your Steps
About the Book:
A.W. Tozer on Living in God's Wisdom

We were created by God and for God, and the only way to find true joy, peace, and contentment is by understanding and embracing his wisdom. Wisdom is not some highbrow philosophical concept, but rather a highly practical tool for living the best possible life.

The Wisdom of God captures Tozer's teaching on this topic as a way to understand the well-lived Christian life. God's wisdom is a part of his character, inseparable from his love and grace, and knowing this wisdom means drawing closer to him. It will change your decisions, attitudes, and relationships, setting you on the path to becoming all God wants you to be.

My Review:
 Tozer was a brilliant human being. He has been quoted and quoted and still his words ring true even in this crazy world. I would first like to point out that there's a difference between knowledge and wisdom. In The Wisdom of God, Tozer points out that it is very important to understand and obey the wisdom of God. When we understand the how and why behind God's word we start to understand Him so much more better.

 Tozer had a way of driving home the point. It is and was important to win souls for Christ and he had no qualms about it. He states in his writings that we shouldn't be worried about the world around us only a growing wisdom of the Father. We should fight to learn such wisdom in an effort to learn more about Him and His ways. And in turn not only will this draw us closer to Him but in that we will learn more about what He created us to be.

 A great starter book for anyone that has never read Tozer's work. The editor did a fabulous job!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author. All opinions are my own.

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