Friday, June 24, 2016

Review: Jesus Calling: My First Bible Storybook by:Sarah Young

 Jesus Calling My First Bible Storybook
About the Book:
Jesus Calling® Bible stories with Jesus Calling devotions are now available for toddlers!

Jesus Calling My First Bible Storybook includes simple Bible stories accompanied by short messages of Jesus’ love for children. Delightful art makes this a perfect companion to Jesus Calling for Little Ones.

You already know and love the Jesus Calling® brand, and the new Jesus Calling My First Bible Storybook is the perfect way to introduce your littlest ones to the Bible and to Jesus and His love. You and your family will enjoy this Bible storybook night after night.

My Review:
A sweet book for the littles! This padded board book has several familiar Bible stories that will break your child in on learning more about God and the Bible. You can never start too early teaching children about God's ways. This storybook includes many familiar favorites such as Noah and Abraham. It includes 20 Bible stories. This would be a great book for bedtime stories or for Sunday School class.

 If the author of this book looks familiar its because she wrote the famous book entitled, Jesus Calling an awesome devotional for adults. Her books for children are equally as good.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Review&Giveaway: KIWI:20 Phonics Adventures DVD

Kiwi: 20 Phonics Adventures
About the DVD:
It's time to learn phonics skills with Twiki and Twini! In this collection of twenty episodes, Twiki and Twini will take us on adventures to discover new words and new sounds. Each episode features a handful of words spelled out by our friends, Twiki and Twini. Your little one will learn how to spell fun words like movie; to animal words like frog. The fun and learning never ends with these two! Get ready to enter into an unexpected universe comprised of sounds, words, and images.

My Review:
 A great fun-filled way for your children to brush up on those phonics skills. Twiki and Twini can help guide them along as they learn themselves. Some of the different items discussed are movies, school, animal words , as well. This DVD, KIWI:20 Phonics Adventures DVD is jam packed full of all kinds of things that are children experience in their daily lives. That's what makes it so great, it is something they can relate to and learn from.  And it only retails for $8.99.

 As always our sponsor N Circle has you covered on any educational type of DVDs. They have been at it for years and they create some really great content. Now is your chance to win one for yourself, look below.

**Disclosure** This product was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the creator.

Review: 5-Minute Nighttime Bible Stories by:Tommy Nelson Publishing

 5-Minute Nighttime Bible Stories
About the Book:
These brief Bible stories allow parents to spend precious time with their little ones before bedtime, naps, or meals. With their to-the-point wording and calming artwork, the 5-Minute Nighttime Bible Stories is a great option for parents who look for ways to integrate the Bible into their busy schedules. This affordable 208-page book offers a lot of content for a great price, and the five-minute format will be a hit with parents and children alike. Short stories and gentle, colorful illustrations make this a great Bible and a quick story for little ones and parents before bedtime.

My Review:
 This is the perfect thing for those kiddos that want you to read to them before bed. It is literally a five minute story and they are based on the Bible so that is definitely a plus. There are 26 stories both from the Old and New Testaments combined. There are a lot more stories from the Bible but this book covers the most popular Bible stories. Some that are included creation, Noah's ark, David and Goliath to name a few. Great stories and absolutely awesome illustrations. 5-Minute Nighttime Bible Stories is not a small book it contains over 200 pages of bedtime goodness.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

Litfuse Review: Dwelling Places by:Lucinda Secrest McDowell

 Dwelling Places: Words to Live in Every Season
About the Book:
With the dawn of each new year, Christians and spiritual seekers vow to seek a deeper, closer relationship with God and grow their spiritual life. Yet like many resolutions, as time passes, so does determination to stay the course. But what if a thriving, active faith were as simple as reading one word a day?
Award-winning author Lucinda Secrest McDowell knows that if you spend a few minutes every day turning to God's Word for wisdom and guidance, your faith can flourish and grow. Through short and inspiring readings, McDowell unpacks a single word--like mercy, beauty, gratitude, or grace--to uncover a biblical blessing or lesson you can act on that very day. Each devotion includes stories and illustrations to foster understanding and ends with a benediction, written as if God were speaking directly to you.
Organized into four seasons--fall, Advent, Lent, and summer--these devotions invite you to discover those "dwelling places" that offer the joy of God's promises and presence. Whether in the midst of busy holiday schedules, holy days, or changing seasons, a deeper faith can be a simple as a single word.

My Review:
 Devotionals are a great way to connect to God. You learn a little more about Him and about yourself. The author of Dwelling Places wrote hers in a very unique way. She divided it into four seasons--fall, Advent, Lent, and summer. Each section or season has at least 30 different entries some have more. Each entry has scripture and a short summary of great thoughts and illustrations from the author that are a perfect fit for the season being discussed.

 I think my most favorite season was fall. Fall is of course my favorite season so I picked that section of the book to discuss. The title of the fall section is Dwell. I love that title! The mountains are a beautiful land form for the believer to draw from and to ponder on. I love everything about this book the fall season breaks forth with beautiful landscape and it causes us to reflect on the goodness of our God and He has changed us just like He does the seasons. The leaves changing into their beautiful colors are a great reminder of His never changing goodness.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Litfuse Review: The Ringmaster's Wife by:Kristy Cambron

 The Ringmaster's Wife
About the Book:
 What is revealed when you draw back the curtain of the Greatest Show on Earth?

Rosamund Easling is no stranger to opulence. As the daughter of an earl, she’s grown up with every comfort money can buy. But when hard times befall the family’s Yorkshire estate in the aftermath of the Great War, Rosamund’s father sells her beloved horse, setting the stage for a series of events that would extend beyond even her wildest dreams.

Though expected to marry for a title instead of love, Rosamund feels called to a different life – one of adventure outside the confines of a ladies’ parlor. She abandons all she’s known and follows in pursuit as her horse is shipped to the new owner – an American entertainer by the name of John Ringling. Once introduced to the Ringling Brothers’ circus and knowing she has much to learn, Rosamund agrees to a bareback riding apprenticeship in the shadow of the Ringlings’ winter home—Ca’D’Zan. It is at that mansion, in what would become the last days of the enigmatic Mable Ringling’s life, that Rosamund finds a deeper sense of purpose in the life she’s been given, and the awakening of faith in her heart.

With a supporting cast of characters as mysterious and dazzling as the Ringlings’ big-top world, Rosamund’s journey takes her from the tradition of the English countryside to the last days of America’s Roaring ‘20s—a journey that forever changes what one life might have been.

My Review:
Lady Rosamund Easling decides to board a ship to America after her horse is sold to the Ringling Brothers Circus. She hopes to only take care of her horse and then return home after her little adventure to get  married to her arranged groom. But when she gets there, she finds everything is quite different from what she expected. Becoming a trick rider would probably be lots of fun. But is she to do? She has only one person to give her advice it's none other than the Queen of the circus herself, Mrs. Mable Ringling.

Mable Burton was just a small town farm girl looking for an adventure. Little did she know that when she meets a handsome man while waitressing, that she was about to get all the adventure she wanted. John Ringling was famous, everyone knew that he ran the world renowned Ringling Brothers Circus. Why in the world would he want something to do with little ole Mable?

Rosamund so left with a hard decision. Join the circus and leave behind the life of always being taken care of. Or go back to her dull life that has already been planned for her. Joining the circus would mean leaving behind her old life forever. Can she really take that chance?

The Ringmaster's Wife is an amazing book that takes you into the world of the Ringling Brothers Circus its self. I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved every aspect of this book. I love this author's work and I hope to read more from this author real soon.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Review: Culture of the Few:Following Jesus Transforming Culture by:Brad McKoy

 Culture of the Few: Following Jesus. Transforming Culture.
About the Book:

In Culture of the Few, first-time author Brad McKoy takes would-be world changers on a journey to discover how Jesus impacted and transformed the culture around Him- and the answer might not be what you expect. Jesus is still in the business of turning ordinary men and women into history makers by inviting them into His daily life. As the ultimate "agent of change", it is Jesus' example we need to follow. This book examines five key areas in the life of Jesus that allowed Him to intentionally invest into the lives of a few fishermen: Identity, Invitation, Intentionality, Intercession, and Intimacy.

By looking at the life of Jesus along with stories of His disciples today, Culture of the Few creates a call to action that invites readers to follow Jesus in everyday ways, transforming the culture around them. The results of this kind of lifestyle are often small intentional actions that lead to unimaginable kingdom impact.

My Review:
 Jesus can get to us, no matter who or what gets in His way--we should always remember that and take it to heart. Our God and Our Jesus will come for us no matter the cost. He does this in a number of different ways and many times we can't even fully comprehend how He accomplishes this. Taking a look back to Jesus' day you can see when we read God's word how when Jesus arrived on the scene things happened. He didn't just come in a take a rest break from the daily abuse the heat and sand was taking on His feet. He didn't need to sit first with ice tea in hand and say I will transform this place after I sit a minute.

 No, he got up and went right to work doing the Father's business and He expects us to do the same. He wants us to roll up our sleeves and love those around us and tell them all about Him and how He transformed us. The author invites us into the not so calm and serene world around us to find those that need Him one life, one breath at a time. His goal is one life one day at a time. He values that one just like He values a million. An amazing God that loves us whole and He loves us broken.

 The author will offer you the life changing moments that touched his life in the hopes that they will change yours, as well. Pretty amazing stories that I can fully understand why they mean so much in this world and beyond.

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.