Monday, November 23, 2020

Review: Softly Blows the Bugle by Jan Drexler

 Softly Blows the Bugle (The Amish of Weaver's Creek, #3)

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own!


About the Book:

When Elizabeth Kaufman received the news of her husband's death at the Battle of Vicksburg in 1863, she felt only relief. She determined that she would never be at the mercy of any man again, even if it meant she would never have a family of her own. Then Aaron Zook comes home with her brother when the war ends two years later.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Aaron resolves to move West and leave the pain of the past behind him. He never imagined that the Amish way of life his grandfather had rejected long ago would be so enticing. That, and a certain widow he can't get out of his mind.

Yet, even in a simple community, life has a way of getting complicated. Aaron soon finds that while he may have left the battlefield behind, there is another fight he must win--the one for the heart of the woman he loves.
Welcome back to the Amish community at Weaver's Creek, where the bonds of family and faith bind up the brokenhearted.

My Review:

 Jan Drexler is new to me, but never again. Her writing really honestly seems timeless. No matter the subject, I am sure could never be lifeless or boring. Elizabeth is turning out to be the model woman. When she hears of her husband's death during the Civil War--she is actually relieved. I would be distraught, but after all she had endured, she was glad to be done with it.

 She decides she now has a chance at a new life, a new beginning. But its not long before two eligible men look her way. What will Elizabeth do? Whom will she choose to begin again with?

This book has many twists and turns in its short pages, but full of interesting meat. Thats for sure!

Review: The Christmas Swap by:Melody Carlson

 The Christmas Swap

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.


About the Book:

All Emma Daley wants this holiday season is a white Christmas. But the young teacher and struggling musician sure can't find that in sunny Arizona. Luckily, there's someone living in a perfect mountain home in the Colorado Rockies looking to make a vacation trade this year.

Tyler Prescott is an in-demand songwriter and talented musician who put his own singing career on hold to write songs for celebrity acts to perform. When his mother convinces him to do a vacation trade for Christmas, he never imagined one of the houseguests would be so sweet--or so strikingly pretty. Naturally, he decides to stick around, and, to get better acquainted, he poses as the house's caretaker. But when Emma's friend Gillian discovers his true identity and sets her sights on him, things
get . . . messy.

Fan favorite Melody Carlson is back with another delightful Christmas tale to warm your heart on those cold winter evenings.


My Review:

 Emma's friend offers her a deal she cant refuse. Being in hot and dry Arizona doesn't provide much of a traditional white Christmas. So her friend, offers her something that she really wasn't into but decides to go along with at the last minute. Even the promise of a cute guest didn't tickle Emma's fancy but reluctantly--she goes along with it.

 This is the perfect snuggle by the fire holiday read. It offers romance, intrigue, and Christmas. Who could ask for more? I love the idea and the writing was great, of course. The author always knows how to pull you in and leaves you with the best snuggle read!

Monday, September 28, 2020

Review: NIV, Boys' Bible, Hardcover, Comfort Print by:Zondervan

 NIV, Boys' Bible, Hardcover, Comfort Print

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

 About the Book:

Help him grow into the young man God wants him to be.

The freshly-updated NIV Boys’ Bible is a full-featured Bible designed to help boys ages 8 to 12 dig deep into God’s Word. Loved by parents for years, this newly redesigned version allows boys to learn amazing new facts, discover inspiring people and stories, and uncover all kinds of stuff they never imagined was in the Bible. Helpful, fun, and often downright astonishing, the NIV Boys’ Bible includes unique and meaningful content developed around the needs and interests of growing boys.


Complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) translation

What’s the Big Deal? - Need-to-know biblical stories and people

Check It Out - Interesting or funny facts about Bible times and characters

Grossology - Gross and gory stuff in the Bible

Makin’ It Real - Help for applying Bible stories to everyday life

Hundreds of highlighted verses worth memorizing

Introductions to each book of the Bible
Stainless steel-look cover on metallic paper that boys will love
Exclusive Zondervan NIV Comfort Print® typeface
Readable 9-point print size
The accurate, readable, and clear New International Version (NIV) text makes the Bible accessible and easy to read for kids. The NIV is the result of over 50 years of work by the Committee on Bible Translation, who oversees the efforts of many contributing scholars. Representing the spectrum of evangelicalism, the translators come from a wide range of denominations and various countries and continually review new research to ensure the NIV remains at the forefront of accessibility, relevance, and authority. Every NIV Bible that is purchased helps Biblica translate and give Bibles to people in need around the world.

My Review:

 Bibles have come a long way since my first "big girl" Bible on my 11th birthday. It was just a regular King James white leather Bible and it had my name engraved on it in silver. I loved that Bible, so much and was so very proud of it. Nowadays, you simply have so many types to choose from its unreal. It really is hard to choose one for a child or an adult. But the  NIV, Boys' Bible, Hardcover, Comfort Print, has so many different features, its hard to choose just a few. 

 Lets face it, boys need something to hold their attention or they will just set the book aside. Well Zondervan thought of that. They have incorporated funny facts and lots of stories along with the most important part Scripture. And they combined it in a beautiful hard cover edition that looks very grown up. Which you know is very important to a young man.

Review: The Case for Christ Young Reader's Edition: Investigating the Toughest Questions about Jesus by:Lee Strobel

 The Case for Christ Young Reader's Edition: Investigating the Toughest Questions about Jesus

 About the Book:

Is Jesus real? Was he actually born in a stable? Did he really come back from the dead? Aren’t all the stories in the Bible about Jesus just that ... stories? Join in this incredible search for the truth about Jesus, including the answers that rocked the world of investigative reporter and international bestselling author Lee Strobel.

Here’s a book that finally answers the most important questions about the existence, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The Case for Christ Young Reader’s Edition, based on the adult edition, with over 5 million copies sold, is packed full of well-researched, reliable, and eye-opening investigations. In these pages, Lee Strobel—an award-winning legal journalist—tackles the toughest questions head-on. He investigates the historical reliability, eye witness testimonies, and scientific evidence of Jesus’s birth, miracles, ministry, and resurrection.

Will Lee’s findings bring Christianity’s claims about Jesus tumbling down like a house of cards?

Like Strobel, you will be amazed at the evidence—how much there is, how strong it is, and what it says. The facts are in. What will your verdict be in The Case for Christ?

The Case for Christ Young Reader’s Edition:

Is packed full of well-researched, reliable, and eye-opening investigations of some of the toughest questions you have about the existence, miracles, ministry, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth
Is logical and easy to understand
Includes the evidence about Jesus that rocked the world of atheist investigative reporter Lee Strobel
Is a sturdy hardcover edition with two-tone interior and ribbon marker

My Review:

 Have you ever question the Bible? Christianity? Religion? God? Ever? I know I have. I have been in church since I was a very young child. So my whole life has been filled with questions. so it isnt any wonder that I would question those things to. Luckily, many authors came up with many books to help us sort through some of those questions. These books arent to take the place of the Bible but are here in order to enrich it further. The Case for Christ Young Reader’s Edition, can be compared to the adult edition but put in more simple terms for young readers.

Review: Grandma Snuggles by:Glenys Nellist

 Grandma Snuggles

*Disclosure*This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.


About the Book:

Grandma, this one’s especially for you! Cuddle your grandchildren close with this adorable book. Written by bestselling author Glenys Nellist, this board book celebrates the loving relationship between a grandma and her little ones with sweet animal rhymes and charming illustrations.

Grandma Snuggles is an engaging, board book that celebrates the love between a grandma and her little ones. Whether it’s Grandma Mouse who shares her cheese or Grandma Duck who splashes in the lake, this book shows special cuddles and love, relaying a message that all grandmas are special in their own ways.

So, hop, skip, and run with Grandma Rabbit and roll into a ball with Grandma Hedgehog. Most of all, celebrate Grandma who’s as sweet as pie!

Through the fields and gardens,
We hop, and skip, and run.
God made the world’s best Grandma—
She’s really lots of fun.

Grandma Snuggles:

Is a sweet and engaging board book lovingly written in honor of all the grandmas of the world to snuggle and share with the little ones in their lives
Is written by bestselling author Glenys Nellist, whose beloved books include The Wonder That Is You, Snuggle Time Fall Blessings, and the Love Letters from God series  
Makes a perfect gift from a grandma to her grandchild for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, or just to spoil her grandson or granddaughter in the way only a grandma can

My Review:

 A precious board book from the snuggles series. This book touches on Grandma's snuggles and it is so gosh darn sweet. It shows the connection between a grandma and her grandchildren. Each animal has a representative for their family. Whether its the panda, or the duck or the mouse. They are all represented and the just precious illustrations show the love and softness each Grandma has for her grandchild. Precious book for preschool and under. Very short and simple.

Review: Pugtato Finds a Thing by:Sophie Corrigan

 Pugtato Finds a Thing

**Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher. All opinions are my own.


About the Book:

 Enchanting illustrations. Giggle-inducing text. Unique and loveable characters. Join Pugtato and his cute and quirky pack of pals in this heartwarming picture book that celebrates the power of friendship, compassion, and believing in your own unique gifts. 

When Pugtato’s simple, quiet life is disrupted after he digs up a strange object in his garden, he enlists his best “spuddies” to help (they are more clever than he is, after all). Tweetroot is certain it’s a new egg for her nest. Tomatoad is quite sure it’s a toy just for him. And Purrsnip simply won’t stop scratching it! Luckily, Pugtato has another very special spuddy to ask …

Pugtato Finds a Thing:

Introduces kids 4-8 to a hilarious mash-up of pet and vegetable characters by the inimitable illustrator Sophie Corrigan
Written in delightful, giggle-inducing, rhyming text
Eye-catching cover features spot gloss and embossing

My Review:

 Sweet little Pugtato, is nothing short of the cutest thing ever. Digging up thinks in the yard is one of the most exciting things that can be done in a day and Pugtato and his friends find lots to talk about when they do. In this addition to the series, Pugtato finds something very interesting and he and his friends are on the mystery trying to figure out what it is. lovely, sweet story that is perfect for ages 4-8. The illustrations are simple and the colors are not too overwhelming. A great series to get into.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Review: The Berenstain Bears and the Rowdy Crowd by:Mike Berenstain

 The Berenstain Bears and the Rowdy Crowd

 **Disclosure**This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher.

About the Book:

 An engaging book from the bestselling Berenstain Bears Living Lights brand, with over 8 million copies sold since 2008, that helps kids ages 6-10 graduate from picture books to beginning chapter books as they take the next step in their reading comprehension.

Something's up with Brother Bear. He's talking tough, he's walking tough, and he has a new hobby: shooting hoops with Too-Tall and his trouble-making team. And basketball isn't the only new pastime Brother takes up when he falls in the wrong crowd. Will Brother realize who his true friends are before it's too late?

The Berenstain Bears and the Rowdy Crowd is an engaging early reader chapter book that features black and white illustrations alongside entertaining text and relatable characters. As read-alone or read-aloud, it helps kids connect plot to chapter structure and will have teachers and librarians asking for more. And as part of the beloved Living Lights series, it's the perfect segue for emerging readers and fans of the brand.


My Review: 

 Whats up with Brother and why has he got an attitude bigger than it needs to be? Something is not right and Sister is going to get down to the bottom of it and quick. Too Tall befriends Brother Bear and for some reason Brother decides to trust him but you can be rest assured Too Tall is up to know good and we soon see it all fall apart before our eyes as the story unfolds. Soon, the police get involved, but was it just in time for Brother---before he got into any real trouble?