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Kids Holiday Gift Guide Favorites Giveaway Hosted by Pea of Sweetness and Deals of Sweetness

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Favorites Giveaway Hosted by Pea of Sweetness and Deals of Sweetness

Kids Holiday Gift Guide Favorites Giveaway Emilee from both Pea of Sweetness and Deals of Sweetness has loved introducing great products to her readers and her kids and sharing them in her 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. To share a gift that keeps on giving into the new year, she wanted to share some of her favorite products from the Kids Holiday Gift Guide in this great giveaway - including a prize of her own - a Target Gift Card - as a thank-you for a great year! This awesome giveaway features prizes from the following sponsors featured in the Pea of Sweetness and Deals of Sweetness Holiday Gift Guide:  


Beauty and the BeetMirabelle and her traveling family band, the VeggieTones, are determined to make their next gig at Vegetable Square Garden. On their journey, a fierce winter snowstorm hits, and the family gets stuck at a run-down resort! Mr. Beet, the grumpy manager makes them sing - and clean - for their supper. Why is Mr Beet such a beast? And can Mirabelle’s kindness change him? Find out in this hilarious and heartwarming tale of unconditional love! Featuring 8 Songs performed by Kellie Pickler as “Mirabelle.” The winner will receive the Beauty and the Beet DVD (ARV $14.99) See what Emilee and her family thought of Beauty and the Beet on Pea of Sweetness!  


Pick-Ease ReviewPick-Ease offers kid friendly toothpicks in fun designs that encourage even the pickiest eaters to try new foods! They are available in a variety of styles for both boys and girls, and the winner will get to choose their favorite Pick-Ease set! (ARV $8.99) See how Emilee has been using Pick-Ease with her picky eater on Pea of Sweetness!            


See-Mee ReviewSee-Mee offers a fun experience young kids love! They get to see themselves in an animated movie with animals and stories that are fun and entertaining. Each episode is five minutes long and tailored to introduce basic concepts ranging from color and shape recognition to logic and critical thinking. I love that they’re designed to entertain and teach! The winner will receive a See-Mee Personalized DVD! (ARV $49.95) See what Emilee and her preschooler thought of this great personalized DVD on Pea of Sweetness!      

Prima Princessa

The Nutcracker DVD for kidsBecome a ballerina! Prima Princessa brings you Englans's world famous Birmingham Royal Ballet performing excerpts from 'The Nutcracker' that will inspire the ballerina in you! Come join in the holiday fun with Prima Princessa as she take you to magical show filled with snow fairies, toy soldiers, tutus and more. Watch real ballet excerpts of The Nutcracker and demonstrations of ballet steps by students from The School of American Ballet. An animated fairy princess ballerina serves as your guide during the show and will encourage you to dance along. The winner will receive the Prima Princessa The Nutcracker DVD! (ARV $9.99) See what Emilee thought of this great Christmas Ballet DVD on Deals of Sweetness!  

Pea of Sweetness and Deals of Sweetness

Target Gift CardAs a thank-you for being amazing and checking out all the great sponsors on the Pea of Sweetness and Deals of Sweetness 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, Emilee is providing a $30 Target Gift Card as part of the prize as well! Your child (or you!) can pick out something they may not have received from their list! (ARV $30.00)  


It's Giveaway Time! One winner will receive all the prizes listed above - a retail value of over $100! This giveaway begins on 12/19 and ends on 1/2/2015 at 10:00pm (times are Central) and is open to US residents ages 18+. Winner is subject to eligibility verification and will have 48 hours to confirm before a new winner will be drawn. For any questions/concerns please email (consider adding this email to your "Safe List" as winning email notification will be sent from this email.) Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Giveaway Tools.
  Disclosure: Emilee at Pea of Sweetness and Deals of Sweetness received complimentary products in exchange for honest reviews and posts. I received no additional compensation. Participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Review: Home for Christmas by:Various Authors

 Home for Christmas: Stories for Young and Old
About the Book:
For readers who are tired of Christmas commercialism, or who feel that Santa Claus and reindeer don t tell the whole story, these classic gems provide a winning alternative. Selected for their insightfulness, spiritual value, and literary quality (nothing moralistic here) they project the spirit of the season in a fresh, compelling manner that will resonate with readers of all ages from children too young to read to themselves, to parents and grandparents who enjoy reading stories aloud. Home for Christmas includes time-tested favorites by some of the world s most beloved children s authors Pearl Buck, Selma Lagerlof, Henry van Dyke, Madeleine L Engle, Elizabeth Goudge, Rebecca Caudill, and Ruth Sawyer as well as little-known European stories appearing in English for the first time."

My Review:
 Home For Christmas: Stories for Young and Old, is a perfect book to read to the entire family on the days leading up to Christmas. Those stories once told to others by their grandparents come alive again to be retold to younger generations. Many of these stories will hit home to many of us as we reminisce over family and a huge mug of hot chocolate.

 My favorite story was Christmas Day In the Morning, it is a sweet short story written about a man that reminisces a simpler time in his childhood when he has given his father a gift so simple, because they didn't have the money for anything else.  It was such a sweet story of family love. This is just one example of all the great short stories contained therein. In today's world we need a way to connect to the past and remember such times. This book is a great way to do just that.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Handlebar.


Review: Pillars of Fire by:Laurice Molinari

 Pillars of Fire
About the Book:
AfterVero Leland discovered his true identity in book one, he must continue to maintain his life on earth as a regular 12-year-old kid, which is hard to do when you are really a fledgling, a guardian angel in training to become one of the fiercest of all angels. At any moment, he could be called to the Ether, the spiritual realm surrounding the earth, where he must face whatever trials come his way in angel school, aka C.A.N.D.L.E. (the Cathedral of Angels for Novice Development, Learning and Edification). In book two, part of Vero s training involves the Angel Trials, a set of three challenges where he and his group of fellow fledglings compete with angels from other realms.

But while he is competing in the Ether, back on earth his sister is in trouble. She has a new friend who is leading her down the wrong path. During the third trial, Vero realizes he must choose between saving his sister or winning his competition. But the attack on Clover is only a means to get to Vero, and he finds himself face-to-face with an evil even greater than what he experienced in the Bottomless Pit. Once again, he is tested beyond what any previous fledgling has endured, and how the battle ends will affect not only his grade in C.A.N.D.L.E., but also the fate of the world."

About the Author:
Laurice Elehwany Molinari, a veteran film and TV writer in Hollywood for over two decades, has penned over thirty scripts for various studios and networks. Her very first feature script, written while a fellow at the American Film Institute, became Columbia Picture’s critically acclaimed children’s classic, My Girl. She went on to pen The Brady Bunch Movie and The Amazing Panda Adventure. Laurice lives with her husband and two children in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, where her lifelong love for our heavenly guardians inspired her to write a book about them.

My Review:
 Training to become a guardian angel isn't all fun and games. Not only does Vero Leland have issues at school but he is also trying to compete in a series of trials at the Ether. Vero and the other fledglings compete against more advanced angels, in three different trials, testing every part of their being. But when vero thought nothing could get any worse, his sister starts to act a little strange. And it is soon discovered that the person pushing her to the brink is the evil demoness, Lilith.

 Vero must soon make a choice, whats more important saving his sister or winning the trials? Vero will learn more about himself and the others around him. His choices will either help or hinder those around him. Does he have the power to make the right choice? Winning in a battle to save the world isn't an easy thing to do and we will learn what Vero must do to accomplish this giant feat.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the Z Blog Squad.

Review: Weird & Wonderful Creations(Made By God) by:Zondervan Publishing

 Weird & Wonderful Creations
About the Book:
Weird and Wonderful Creations is a bind up of the nonfiction Made By God series. With photos and facts showing children the wonders of God s creation, this collection includes four complete early reader titles as well as over 200 additional facts throughout the book. Some of the creatures featured include whales, tarantulas, bats, sea turtles, and more. All facts align with the Common Core Standards for informational reading for young readers.

Weird and Wonderful Creations includes:

Spiders, Snakes, Bees and Bats Big Bugs, Little Bugs Sea Creatures Poisonous, Smelly, and Amazing Plants

My Review:
 Being a part of God's creation in any form is utterly fascinating. And as a homeschool parent, I see firsthand everyday the delight in my children's faces when they discovered a new creature and they observe this creature, usually a bug of some sort or a lizard.  Weird & Wonderful Creations(Made By God), a great book because it not only helps you identify many different creatures among God's creation but it also gives you many facts about them. Such as did you know that right before a snake sheds his eyes become cloudy or blue colored? Or that bees see all colors except red?

 This book is awesome! Your children will learn so much! I know because my children did. This edition is special because it combines 4 early readers into one. Specifically geared for a 4-8 year old. It is especially good for your early reader. With over 100 pages you are guaranteed to learn something new.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the Z Blog Squad and Zondervan.

Review: The Legend of St. Nicholas by:Dandi Daley Mackall

The Legend of St. Nicholas: A Story of Christmas Giving
About the Book:
In The Legend of St. Nicholas, the new artwork, created by Marley and Me illustrator, Richard Cowdrey, captivates audiences and tells the story of a young man named Nicholas, who was moved by the plight of the poor and needy. Nicholas spent his life secretly helping the poor all over the world, giving gifts on Christmas Eve to remind people of the greatest Gift of all, Jesus Christ. This gentle Christmas book introduces the original St. Nicholas and offers inspiration for readers to become cheerful givers themselves. The final pages in the book include fun Father Christmas traditions in other lands.

About the Author:
Dandi Daley Mackall is the author of over 450 books. She still can’t believe she gets to write for a living, helping children of all ages grow spiritually. Dandi and her husband, Joe, both write from rural Ohio, where they’re blessed with three children and a variety of horses, dogs, and cats.

My Review:
 The Legend of St. Nicholas, is a delightful children's book about the joy of Christmas giving. As other books in this series, this book is telling of the actual legend of the big guy as well as a story about this young boy, Nick. Nick has trouble with the whole idea of giving without expecting anything in return. Trouble, that is until he overhears a story being told about Saint Nicholas. After hearing this story, it changes Nick's heart and provides him with a giving heart for others just like that of Saint Nicholas.

 Christmas is a good time to remind us of others that don't have the things that we do and showing them love at this time of the year is a very rewarding notion that springs forth many benefits. We should do this year around but not everyone sees it that way. But as long as they remember at least once a year, not all is lost. A beautiful written book with gorgeous illustrations!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the Z Blog Squad.

Review: The Christmas Story For Children by: Various Authors

 The Christmas Story for Children
About the Book:
Follow the events of Jesus birth as you read this lovely picture book written by Max Lucado with Randy Frazee and Karen Hill and illustrated by Fausto. The Christmas Story for Children tells readers about the birth of a special baby whose story is filled with love for us all. Young readers as well as their parents will appreciate the beautiful words and artwork that convey the message that we are loved and cherished.

A holiday companion book to the award-winning and bestselling The Story for Children."

My Review:
 There is nothing more touching in the entire world, whether it's during the holidays or not as the life of our Saviour. I love reading these type of books whether they are a children's version or not. It is just touching and heart-warming and to be reminded of what Jesus has done for all mankind is an awesome feeling better than anything else we could ever feel.

 The various authors that worked on this retelling of the very famous story that resounds so loudly at Christmas time and all days of the year but together the story we all know and love and added a little bit of what they may have thought some of the conversations were like among the different characters. It was a delightful story and I loved reading it to my youngest.

 The illustrations by Fausto Bianchi, were so beautiful. They look like paintings and they were so lifelike. This story begins shortly before His birth and goes on to tell about different parts of His ministry. A man sent to save mankind from destruction! He was no ordinary baby!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the Z Blog Squad.

Review: Children's Dimetapp Cold&Cough

Dimetap product 208x208
About the Product:
Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough tackles your child’s most bothersome cold symptoms, including cough, nasal congestion and runny nose. And, it comes in a great, grape flavor that kids love.
Relieve your child’s cold symptoms so they can get back to being kids. Dimetapp® Cold & Cough is available in 4 and 8 oz. sizes. It is also available in a Day & Night Value Pack, which includes a special nighttime formula, Dimetapp® Nighttime Cold & Congestion, made to relieve your child’s cold symptoms so they can rest better.

My Review:
 Cold and Flu season is upon us and as a mother it's hard to find OTC medicines that work just as good if not better than some prescription cold medicines that you may obtain. Dimetapp is a good product. It comes in flavors that my kids love and a value that makes me happy as well. This particular formula, relieves cold symptoms as well as their cough. This is a great thing because you don't need multiple bottles of medicine and you don't have to juggle dosing standards because you need multiple bottles of medicines. The people at the Dimetapp company know this and they want to make things easy for you and your child.

**Dislosure** I received this product free of charge for my honest review from Smiley 360.