Monday, April 16, 2012

Review:A Plus TutorSoft Math Learning Software

Recently  my son & I were given the chance to review some software. This software in particular was to tutor him in an area that he was needing some remedial work in. So he decided he would give this a shot to see how A Plus TutorSoft worked. And to see if it would be a fit for him and ultimately for our family, since he has two brothers following along in his footsteps.We took a look at their interactive CD software. But they have much more than just that available.But I will list from there own website here just the many advantages A Plus TutorSoft have to offer:

Interactive MATH Curriculum Software CD:
Our curriculum is designed to be a full curriculum and hopefully the only MATH resource homeschoolers will need. You have lessons that explain concepts with example problems using all three learning modalities – Audio, Visuals and Text. You also have automatically graded interactive quizzes for each lesson which provide instant feedback with step-by-step explanation for each problem if student answers it incorrectly. This allows you to detect any learning gaps and our software automatically does the “re-teaching” with step-by-step instructions on how to solve a particular problem using audio, visuals and text.

If your students need additional practice with problem solving, we provide printable worksheets and exams (highly recommended to ensure mastery in each subject area), which can be used in more traditional way. Your students workout the problems on printed worksheets/exams and a parent teacher would need to check student’s work using our “Worksheet Solution Guide” and “Exams Solutions Guide” (the parental manuals) which are also included with this MATH curriculum software. We explain step-by-step solution to each worksheet and exam problem in the Worksheets and Exams Solution Guides. We also provide Lesson Plan to help parents and students in regards to pace, timeline and ordering of the material as well as an electronic version of a Full Curriculum Book.

Computerized lessons with automatically graded interactive quizzes and printable worksheet & exams where students are required to show their work makes this a very complete and such great MATH curriculum. This allows sufficient involvement from parents while taking the burden of teaching MATH away from them. Parents are NOT expected to have mastery of the MATH at all, they just need to coach their students a bit and check their work using our detailed step-by-step Solution Guides.

We also provide Progress Tracking, Reporting and other parental features to keep track of all the student assignments and generate cumulative reports on their progress in the Premium Edition. The attached PDF explains this in more details.

Interactive MATH ONLINE (available Summer 2012):
We also have Online Interactive MATH curriculum which is completely automated. So in addition to everything that is on our CD software, you will have the ability to take practice exercises and tests which are automatically graded and tracked. We are working on revising this at the moment and we expect to have our NEW HOMESCHOOL ONLINE MATH available this summer 2012. This would be excellent MATH program for those parents who are looking for math curriculum to do the teaching as well as grade and track all of student’s work automatically

My son tried the third grade version of there interactive math curriculum. And he bragged to his brothers how he finished many of the lessons in no time. And told me when I questioned him that the software was very easy to understand and follow. If I could ask the creator to enhance this at all it would be to be a little more colorful and fun graphics. And some fun math games after a days worth of lessons would definitely be a plus. A Plus TutorSoft Math Learning Software definitely worth looking into whether you want to use it during the year as an add on to your homeschool curriculum or to use it during the summer for remedial work I really believe you would like its no nonsense approach. I you would like to more about this product here is there website link:

I was given this software CD for free for my honest review from A+ TutorSoft,Inc.