Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Yelling:The Cause The Casualty The Cure

This months Gabby Mom Review is on the newly released Kindle book by Lorrie Flem titled Yelling: The Cause The Casualty The Cure. This book describes me to a "T". It is really hard to admit that. I always feel bad after and spend a lot of time apologizing to my babies and a lot of time on my knees before the Lord for forgiveness and to ask for patience. A lot of my yelling usually has to do with the kids getting loud whether they are playing or fighting after I have told them to hush at least twenty times.

 Lorrie explains that there are ways to combat this thing that can over take you.

Praying is number one. God understands and would love for you to allow him to help you through this. And I know from personal experience that it works. So we MUST go to him in prayer first and foremost. And I know one thing that helps me is do NOT punish your child out of anger. So I try my best to keep my mind in check. Because I feel when we yell it is too late you have already lost it.

 Also try to keep in mind why your children may be acting up. Is it out of boredom,hunger or maybe that toddler is teething or sleepy? And I try to address those and see if the situation will change. And usually that changes things so momma doesn't go nuts and start yelling.

 Lorrie does a real good job on reminding us too rely on God when all seems hopeless. Because he is truly the only one to rid us of ultimately hurting those around us whom we adore.

 Yelling: The Cause The Casualty The Cure will be available as a FREE kindle down load on July 24th. You can go here to check that out.

 As always if you would like to learn more about Lorrie Flem and her ministry you can go to her website here.

*This product was given to me for free through the Gabby Moms Program for my honest review.*

Lorrie is hosting another Facebook Party details below.

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