Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Almost Amish by Kathryn Cushman

About the Book:
 Overcommitted and overwhelmed, Julie Charlton is at the breaking point. She knows she should feel blessed as a mother and wife-but she feels exhausted. And then, the miraculous happens. Her sister-in-law Susan, a Martha Stewart in training, lands the chance to participate in a reality TV series about trying to live like the Amish and needs another family to join her. It's just the break Julie needs.
 But the summer adventure in simple living soon proves anything but simple. With the camera watching every move, Susan's drive for perfection feels a lot like what they left behind, while Julie suddenly finds herself needing to stand up for slowing down. Whether it's cooking, cleaning, or dressing differently, each new Amish challenge raises new complications... and soon each woman learns unexpected lessons about herself and her family.

About the Author:
 Kathryn Cushman is a graduate of Samford University with a degree in pharmacy. She is the author of five novels, including Leaving Yesterday and A Promise to Remember, which were both finalists for the Carol Award in Women's Fiction. She is also the co-author of Angel Song with Sheila Walsh. Kathryn and her family currently live in Santa Barbara, California.

My Review:
 I don't believe I have ever read or reviewed any of Kathryn Cushman's novels. I have to say that her style of writing gets straight to it right away. She doesn't seem in my opinion to dilly dally around she gets straight to the heart of it within a couple of chapters. So that was definitely refreshing.
 So on to the main character Julie Charlton. Julie is like a lot of us moms. We see our family being invaded by electronic it devices and we just want Calgon to take us away. We want to get back to fresh air and wide open spaces. Now the route Julie took may be a little unorthodox for the majority of us but it seems this was a drastic move in what seems to be what modern society could actually accomplish. Now, enter Susan Julie's sister-in-law, a new divorce' with a slight chip on her shoulder towards her ex-husband. Being a single mom is a very hard feat in it self much less trying to make it in this world as an author. So while Susan is working on her career she sort of decides to bring some of her extended family along for the ride. But when all is said and done how will this change the lives of these two very strong but adaptable women? 

**Disclaimer** I received this book for free for my honest opinion from Bethany House Publishers.

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