Monday, October 1, 2012

Review:Share the Bounty by Benita Long

About the Book:
 When people come into your home, what do they see? Have you prepared for their visit? Are your gatherings imbued with the sweet spirit of charity? Whether you're celebrating a joyous occasion with your dearest friends and family, welcoming overnight guests, or comforting someone in need, your home can be a sanctuary of Christian fellowship. Discover the scriptural basis for hospitality through this compilation of menus, each designed to complement life's more important occasions with the people you cherish.

 Beautifully photographed and styled, Share the Bounty will inspire you to open your home and reflect God's grace to all who sit at your table. Serve Grilled Chicken & Wild Rice Salad with Coffee Mousse at a casual luncheon for your closet friends. Usher the new neighbors into your dining room for an elegant dinner of Sunday Rib Roast, or greet your out-of-town guests with Blueberry Peach Coffee Cake on their first morning in your home. Broaden your family's understanding of other cultures with Pollo San Miguel, a meal that reflects the flavors of another country. Scattered among the recipes is a selection of Scriptures, prayers and poetry that will focus your heart on praise and thanksgiving as you prepare to share with others his provision in your home.

My Review:
 I was really amazed at the beauty contained in this book. Not only are there recipes, prayers, scriptures from the Bible in this book but some of the best pictures I have seen in quite a long time. The author wants our home to reflect God. And she goes about showing you how to do just that. Even if you decide not to use this in the kitchen because you are afraid to mess up the pages it would make a great coffee table book. The book is large in diameter so it would be a perfect book for that purpose. The author has even went to the extra trouble of providing menus to go along with the recipes she has included therein.

 If you like to entertain and are looking for some inspiration than this is the book for you. Benita Long has went about and paired together some tasty fixings for anyone's tastes. She has included menus for several different types of meals for example: luncheons, festive occasions, international cuisine, and house guests. And to go right along with any meal you need a prayer or like we say in our home a blessin'. Benita also included some of those. This book has the perfect balance of Christian hospitality meets the harried homemaker. It crosses the divide and brings us to a place of beautiful simplicity. This book will NOT leave you disappointed.

**Disclaimer** This book was provided to me through the Booksneeze Blogger Program for free for my honest, unbiased opinion.

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