Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: Activity Bags LLC :Reading Games E book

Activity Bags are quite simply put activities in a bag for your younger grade children that cost very little to put together. And are self guided meaning that they can do most of the activity on their own. Originally, the owners of Activity Bags,LLC wanted to produce a product guided towards preschoolers. But as they soon found out through a lot of other homeschooling parents their products were also enjoyed by older students. My boys had quite a time with the e book they had chosen to do. The product that they chose can be found here. Reading Games in a bag includes 20 reading game instructions for new and beginning readers. My boys have been readers for awhile but always could use some remedial work that is just plain fun. And that I believe, is what the makers of Activity Bags, LLC. wanted to achieve all along.

 Sherry and Paula both homeschool moms felt like we all do. 'There has to be something that we could put together for our preschoolers that would help them learn better without it  feeling like a monumental task that they could do without moms help'. Reading Games has many different options especially if you have a child that is already proficient in certain areas. So these games are easily adaptable to every student in your homeschool.
 They have also put together what they refer to as a "swap". A swap is where you get a group of children together to work on the activities as a group. For a complete explanation of what is involved in a swap you can find that at this link. For a listing of all of the current products they offer please go to this link.
 With every product you purchase from Activity Bags you are given a complete listing of products you will need to provide as a go along with the project and there are complete instructions for every aspect of the activity.

**Disclosure** This product was provided to me for free for my honest review.

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