Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Wood Working Project

 I don't know about your house about around our household December is a very busy month. A month filled with good eatin', projects, secrets and gifts galore. My husband decided to take his love of woodcraft's to the next level and make this special surprise for someone as a Christmas gift. So I decided I would tease all of my readers a teeny bit by showing you the craft in progress to see if you could guess what it may be.

 See here in Alabama we love these lawn decorations. I have ALWAYS wanted a set of these. So that I could put them in front of my home for the holidays. My sweet husband plans on making me a set and hopefully, next year we will add some other things like a nativity. Now I'm not sure if others use these on their lawns so please don't feel offended. I have never really visited many places besides places in the south. I lead a very sheltered life, for sure.So below you will see the finished product. These are without the bows around the neck of them. We will let the giftee decide what they want to do in that regard. I think he did a great job!

**Disclosure** The pictures in this post are my own. And the woodcraft plans I purchased myself.

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