Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Helping Hands at Home by: Lorrie Flem

This months Gabby Mom review is an excellent resource for all of you mom's out there that could use some helping hands with some household chores around the house. Lorrie tells us how to go about teaching our little ones how to be more helpful around the house. By teaching them how to clean the two biggest messiest rooms in the house we have actually handed them the keys to the kingdom. one of Lorrie's biggest teaching tools, I believe is that if you do just a little bit each day your chore won't seem like such a big ordeal to get your children to accomplish.
 So she takes each room and breaks them down and shows you how to set this whole idea into motion so that your children are helping around the house and are also learning responsibility. My children have been cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen in our home for awhile now. And alot of the things that Lorrie point out and some of her tips are something we already do in our house. So I can tell you from experience the tips and tricks she gives you make absolute sense and will work in your home.

 But remember mom above all have patience and perseverance with your little ones. They will probably not get it exactly the way you want it until they have been at it awhile. So hang in there and soon you will have handy little helpers ready to move in and get things done. If you would like to purchase your own copy of the kindle version of this book you can do so at this link and it is available for .99. So it is very affordable and worth every penny. And as always if you are curious about Lorrie's other products you can hop on over to her website to take a look.

**Disclosure** I was provided a free copy of this product for review purposes through the Gabby Moms Program.

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  1. Most definitely patience and perserverance are needed!
    Nice review.