Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review:Has a Donkey Ever Brought You Breakfast in Bed?: Weird animals doing wacky things by:Pat Brannon

About the Book:
It is not unusual to see a gorilla beating its chest at the zoo, but it is unusual to see it boxing with a mosquito. You’ve probably seen camels walking through the desert on television, but I bet you’ve never seen them in a bowling league at the bowling alley. I’m sure you’ve seen chickens strut around in the chicken pen from time to time, but I bet you’ve never seen a sunburned chicken. Kangaroos are fun animals that normally hop all over the place, but I’m sure that you’ve never seen them hop on someone’s head. Just like humans, animals sometimes do strange and unexpected things. Step inside this book of wonders and enjoy the animals that are sure to capture your attention.

About the Author:
  Pat Brannon is a Christian and children’s author and a Southern Gospel songwriter from Amory, MS. Having grown up in a large musical family, writing songs, books and poems are like breathing to Pat. She has a passion for writing and pursues that passion with all the gusto she can muster. And, she loves people. Growing up on the musical stage, Pat loves singing and performing. Since the age of nine, she has been a member of three bands and appeared on the small stage, radio and television. She is a regular vocalist at Meadowood Baptist Church and is an active member of the Adult Sanctuary Choir. When Pat isn’t singing, you can look for her at schools doing her full monologue in character about bullying. Not only is this presentation great for schools, it’s perfect for churches also. This is a program everyone should see. Although Pat was born in Morrilton, Arkansas, in 1981 she and her family moved to Amory, MS. She is married to Howard Brannon and they have two sons-Jason and Shawn-and one precious grandchild whom Pat lovingly calls Elijah Nic. You may reach Pat at or

My Review:
 If you have children like I do that are crazy about animals this is definitely the book for them. It is a book that will hold their attention for sure. I brought out this book to my almost 3 year old and he actually sat still and listened. This was a BIG deal for our little guy because he is usually seen running past you at a million miles per minute. Even though our youngest is a toddler he understood a lot of the comparisons that the author had made in the book and he laughed at many of them.

 The author has done a brilliant job on this book with the ebb and flow of the poetic words that speak all about animals and the silly antics that they may preform. The illustrations are also right on the money. They are bright and colorful and describe the words perfectly. This book is available for purchase at at this link.
We enjoyed this book immensely and we know your family will too.

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me for free for my honest review from the author. 

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