Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review:Planning a Homeschool Graduation by:Carol J. Alexander

About the Book:
Your child has studied hard for the last four years and now the time is drawing to a close. You would like to recognize him for his efforts but you don’t belong to a group that hosts a graduation ceremony for its members...OR...
You belong to a homeschool support group that would like to host a graduation event and you were nominated as the Graduation Coordinator. Since your oldest child is 12, and you’ve never done anything like this before, you have no idea where to begin.
Whatever the circumstances, Planning a Homeschool Graduation is for you.
This 30-page workbook discusses everything you need to do–whether you have one graduate or twenty. That means it is the resource of choice for parents planning an event for their own child or the coordinator of a larger event.
Planning a Homeschool Graduation is designed to save you time and money with the following topics:
Setting a budget—and sticking with it.
Choosing the perfect location.
And MORE......

About the Author:
Carol J. Alexander has already graduated three of her six homeschooled children. As the former group leader of her county’s homeschooling support group, Carol shares from 17 years’ experience as a homeschooling parent. She has also interviewed countless other parents of homeschooled graduates and parents in charge of organizing a graduation ceremony for a large number of children. You are welcome to visit Carol on Facebook, Twitter, her website.
My Review:
 I am a homeschool mom to four pretty rowdy children whom I love dearly. I have not yet had the opportunity to graduate any of them...YET.... My oldest is set to graduate next spring and while I'm giddy at the thought of it. I'm also a wee bit terrified. I have never done this before and what type of things can we do? Will we have a get together or will it be a huge bash? I have no idea where to begin...until now. Carol Alexander has released an ebook to help us homeschool moms do all I have discussed plus so much more.
 Carol has been there and done that from the diploma printing to organizing the event. So why don't you follow me on a little trip to Planning a Homeschool Graduation. You remember like I do, your graduation day, don't you? The cap and gown, the class ring shopping, the senior pictures, posing for the year book, etc. Carol takes us on the grand adventure of everything that goes into planning this joyous event. She even gives you all the resources and websites you need to get the ball rolling. 

I was delighted to see the planning worksheets she has included as part of your purchase. She even goes about telling you how to plan a graduation event on a budget. Now that is something we all could use right about now, right? Now if you no longer homeschool but are asked to organize an event like this you can also use this great ebook to help you. Carol J. Alexander has organized all she knows and put it together to help you plan this for your son or daughter so that you can work on enjoying it instead of fretting over it. If you are interested in learning more about this great resource you can visit this link to learn more.Just a little note if you visit Carole's website and would like to purchase this ebook you can get a $4 savings by entering the code newsletter upon checkout. So it will cost $5.95 and that is if purchased during the month of February. Not a bad deal at all!

**Disclosure** This ebook was provided to me for free for my honest review by the author.

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  1. Thank you, Jalynn, for your kind review. I'd like to add that by using the code "newsletter" (at the link you shared)readers can purchase this e-book for $5.95 during the month of Feburary. That is a $4 savings.