Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gabby Mom Review: Creating Contentment Seminar To Go

 How many times as mothers have we longed to go to one of Lorrie Flem's seminars but either couldn't because of finances or because of location? Well Lorrie has addressed that problem she has made it virtually impossible for you to miss even one single seminar. Now you will definitely be in attendance due to a new product available on Lorrie's website called Seminar-to-Go. As part of my Gabby Mom review this month I am going to share with all of you one of the latest Seminars to Go. This one is called Creating Contentment and I would like to give you a few highlights as well as where and when this awesome resource will be made available to you.

 The dictionary meaning for contentment is feeling or showing satisfaction with one's possessions, status, or situation. My husband and I are always discussing the fact that we are not truly content. We have taken the past 15 years of our lives and devoted ourselves to our four children. While there is nothing wrong with this peruse we have lost our contentment with life. We don't get to enjoy the things we once loved doing because we have immersed ourselves into raising our children and doing what we feel is best for them. So we have decided to get more contentment by doing more things together as a family and introducing our children to some fun activities that we all can enjoy "together". Hopefully this will change some things and get us to enjoying life again.

Lorrie instructs us from the Bible and shows us what it says about creating contentment. God wants us to be happy and content on this earth reaching ultimate contentment in heaven with Him. But while you are here, He wants you to live your life abundantly and for His glory. In the Bible it tells us to be at peace and content with this life He has given to us all. God wants us to trust Him completely if we are to ever have a full life. Lorrie's uplifting seminar-to-go is a great way to meditate on fulfilling God's promise. God's promise to live our lives for Him and to Him and in all things rejoice.

As always if you would like to check out more of Lorrie's products you can do so here. For more information on the Creating Contentment Seminar-to-Go you can head to this link.

Coming March 1, 2013 there will be another seminar ready to take part in called True Womanhood is not for Wimpy Women you get all the information here.

**Disclosure** I was given this product at no charge in exchange for an honest review through the Gabby Moms Program

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  1. I love the extra pictures you put into your review. Very nice!