Sunday, February 3, 2013

Review:Stressed-Less Living by: Tracie Miles

 About the Book:
 Women have a desperate longing for a stress cure--a revitalized perspective and re-energized faith. STRESSED-LESS LIVING offers life-changing, heart-renewing, long-lasting remedies that will bring peace, even when things feel out of control.
Life is tense and offers no easy answers or quick fixes. The good news is that in a world of unrest and stress readers can find the peace for which they hunger. Tracie Miles, in this breakthrough book, helps women unload the pressure cooker of life and learn to rely on the peace that Christ promises all those who come to Him. Tracie maintains that the direction many women receive today is attached to temporary helps like meditation, relaxation strategies, breathing exercises, and support groups. STRESSED-LESS LIVING unpacks the truth found in Scripture about how to overcome fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, and shows the stressed-out woman how she can not only survive stress, but thrive in spite of it through faith in the promises of God.

About the Author:
  Tracie Miles is a national conference speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries. Tracie speaks God's truths to empower and motivate others to depend on Christ in their everyday lives, discover God's unshakable joy in the unpredictable journey of life, and lead them to a place of peace and purpose through learning to live intentionally for Christ. Tracie is a contributing writer for Encouragement for Today online devotions that currently touch over 500,000 lives each day across the world. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and three children. Visit Tracie at

My Review:
 This book really appeals to me and that is probably because I'm under enormous stress right now. We homeschool our children and my husband has recently switched jobs and it just so happens that the job he has taken is a night job. So the kids and I barely see him and I am pretty much raising them by myself which is absolutely no fun at all.Alot of the things that Tracie talks about in her book Stressed-Less Living fits me and my life right now.

Sometimes when we are in the middle of a stress filled tornado we surely lose site of God and family. And I will have to admit it is hard to find your way back. Tracie brings about a lot of good points but her bottom line is reach out to God and He can and will pull you out of the storm. The author also brings up the fact about the struggle of raising children especially teenagers. Don't I know it? Yikes! It is the hardest job I know that I have ever under taken.

She shares a story about escaping to the front porch for some fresh air and  some prayer time after an especially long day with her teen age daughters. And while she was sitting there she had found two Easter eggs that had been there awhile and that was probably left there by her children one previous Easter. She started to recall that particular Easter and she got to thinking about her baby girls. Isn't it funny how God knows exactly how to get to our hearts and cause us to stop dead in our tracks to realize what is important?

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me for free by ACU Press & Leafwood Publishers for my honest review.

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