Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Taking a TRIP Update #3........

TRIP For Kids 

"TRIP" is affordable and easy to use. All 20 lessons plus the home reading lesson video is only $19.99 that's only one dollar a lesson! Private reading centers and tutors charge anywhere from $65.00 a lesson and up. Many tutoring centers will not even take special needs readers. 

 Here are some thoughts from Jordan K. Price about guiding your child in the adventure of reading.......

*If you want your child to read then you must be a reader. Keep books, magazines, newspapers at home. Visit websites with lots of content. Let your child see you reading.
*Whatever your child chooses to read, let him, even if it’s Vampire Zombies. Reading encourages more reading.
*Make it a point to visit the local library together. When you shop together stop in at a bookstore or the book section of any giant retailer if your child has done his choirs for the week, offer to buy him a book of his choice.
*Talk to your child about a variety of things such as sports, entertainment, music, current events. This will encourage them to read about them.
*Remember, even thou your child is playing a video game or watching a video he had to be able to read to do it. You might want to monitor this but don’t discourage it entirely.

Hunter has been gaining the confidence;I believe he needs to reinforce what he has learned through TRIP. I love to read and I would love it, if all my children enjoyed it as much as I do. This reading program can give them that extra push they need to succeed. Don't walk! RUN! To their website to purchase TRIP today.

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