Sunday, March 17, 2013

CWA Review:Don't Forget to Pack the Kids by:Jill Richardson

About the Book:
Think mission trips are only for teenagers and adults-no-kids? Think again. Do you long to: --See your kids understand other cultures and levels of privilege? --Help them realize they can be ministers at any age? --Inject compassion and generosity into your daily life and their future? --Do something meaningful for others now? Don't let fears that your kids are too young, you don't have the money or the time, or anything else stop you. Start planning that life-changing experience now! Detailed, step-by-step instructions to make it happen fill this book. Pack the kids--and go!
About the Author:
Jill has a BA in English and Education from Washington University in St. Louis and an MDiv in theology from Bethel University, St. Paul. She is an award-winning writer and speaker. Jill has published three books and numerous articles and speaks in Chicago and surrounding areas. She serves as Pastor of Discipleship at Resolution Church in Oswego, Illinois. Her three kids have been to thirteen countries, and counting.

My Review:
We all want to raise our children to be more than we ever imagined they could be. We all want them to out- do us all the way around. The author Jill Richardson put it in perspective for me while reading her book Don't Forget to Pack the Kids. She put it in a way I had not realized before. On the subject of spiritual gifts the church always teaches the adults how to find those within ourselves and how to apply them but they never do that for our children. The two main tasks they teach our children is how to be educated and how to be entertained. She goes on to say these are both passive and either we as the parents or the pastor will fill in the blanks for them later.

The author is encouraging us to find and instill these gifts in our children while they are young. Encourage them to go ahead and realize they are ministers so that they see it as an opportunity to win souls and to recognize these gifts in themselves and use them to the best of their abilities now rather then waiting until they are much older. The author goes on to tell you about her experiences but does not leave you high and dry she tells you how to go about finding out information on a group you can go with. She addresses common questions and concerns you may have as you contemplate this journey for you and your family.

 If you are interested in learning more about the author you can go to her website here. If you would like to purchase this book you can do so here.

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