Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days by:Jonathan Bernis

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About the Book:
What if everything you know about the end times is wrong?
Few topics captivate our minds, or fill our hearts with fear, like the end times. Books and sermons on the book of Revelation are plentiful. Yet uncertainty and misunderstanding continue to abound.
Now, with a perspective that is both startling and hopeful, Jonathan Bernis unpacks the mysteries of this cryptic time. This prominent Messianic rabbi reveals how biblical prophecies are being fulfilled right now--and what this means for you.
Bernis's surprising insights, drawn from both Old and New Testaments, will challenge almost everything you thought you knew about the end times--and show how you can actually help to usher in God's Kingdom.
God's plan will be fulfilled. Will you be part of it?

Jonathan BernisAbout the Author:
Jonathan Bernis is the president and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International and the author of A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days. Bernis, who grew up in a traditional Jewish family, serves on the boards of several organizations that minister in Israel; he holds dual U.S./Israeli citizenship. His weekly television show, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, is broadcast throughout the United States, Canada, Israel, and other countries in Europe and Asia. Jonathan lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his wife and daughter. To find out more about this wonderful author please visit his website here.

My Review:
 You could mention "the last days" and I'm sure almost every individual in at least this nation would know exactly what you are talking about. Well Jonathan Bernis would like to tell you how he feels about the last days in his book A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days. First of when you see the title it may seem more than a little confusing I know it did to me. But like Mr. Bernis says in his book, he is a Messianic Jew meaning he is a Jew that believes basically Jesus Christ is our Savior. So in his book the author tells us a little about himself and starts getting into the nitty gritty of how throughout history the end of the world has been predicted again and again and as we all know they have all been false predictions.

 He also begins to explain why he believes that we are in the last days. There is a basic run down on the history of persecution that the children of Abraham have suffered. The author has warned us that Satan hates the Jews and has started to step up his game against us.

A few of the highlights that the author has given to how we should know we are in the last days are......

Satan is increasing his attacks on the Jews.

Scattered Jews are returning to Israel from the four corners of the earth.

Many thousands of Jews are returning to Yeshua.

The gospel is being preached to the nations.

The rise of Messianic expectation in Israel.

The author is telling us the signs to be on the look out for. Because "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.Matthew 24:42

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me for free by Chosen Books for my honest review.

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