Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review:Stop Bullying Me! I'm a zombie, so what? by:Edward Kent

About the Book:
Ed has just started at a new school, is making friends, and seems happy. Except for the boy named Bart, who does not like Ed because he's different. For you see, Ed's a zombie! Ed must now confront the bully to prove that he is really no different than anybody else as he stands up for zombies and other children everywhere!

About the Author:
 Edward Kent resides in the Buffalo suburb of West Seneca, in Western New York, with my beautiful wife Dannielle, and our kids Cordelia, Keifer and Brody. With the kids starting elementary school, I find myself once again immersed in education, and this has inspired me to create a series of books with my character Zombie Ed.  I hope he will provide much fun and learning to all the “little zombies” that enjoy reading about him as I do writing about him! If you want to learn more about this brilliant author you can check out his website here.

My Review:
 I think the subject of bullying is on everyone's radar as of late. You can't go a day without hearing something related to bullying in the news. It is really sad that some children and adults will stoop to a level like that. But the author has tackled the issue head on in his book Stop Bullying Me! I'm a zombie, so what?. This books main character is Ed and he is a little boy that is just like everyone else except he is a zombie.

In the book, Ed tries to fit in the best he can but there is always that one bad apple that doesn't appreciate anyone different and has to prove to everyone that persons faults. So enter the bully at large, Bart. Bart is like any other typical bully. And EVERYONE is afraid of him so none of Ed's friends jump in to help. But undeterred, Ed decides to face Bart on his own. 

This story is a pure delight and helps children to understand you can and should stand up to those bullies to stop them dead in their tracks. This book was written and illustrated by Edward Kent. The author has also included some review questions in the back of the book. This is one in a series of Zombie Ed books you can go to the authors website for more information.

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me at no charge for my honest review by the author.