Monday, April 1, 2013

Litfuse Review:Tales of the Defended Ones by:Beth Guckenberger


About the Book:
Ben, Joseph, Antonio, Caitlyn, Jorani. Five children who needed defending. This is their tale.

Beth Guckenberger, master storyteller, brings to life these five kids' stories that will leave you inspired. 

Ben and Joseph lose their mothers, but find a family looking just for them. Antonio is rescued from what seems like a hopeless situation. Caitlyn dares to trust that truth will set her free. Jorani is delivered from slavery into the arms of grace.
Follow these real-life stories as they take you on a journey to foreign places and extreme struggles. Travel through their challenges and see the hand of the great Storyweaver - our Defender God shielding and defending the defenseless in the amazing ways only he can. These are the tales of the ones left wounded and weak-ones made whole and strong . . .

About the Author:
 Beth Guckenberger and her husband, Todd, are the founders of Back2Back Ministries. Beth travels and speaks regularly at women's and missions conferences, as well as youth gatherings and church services. Her topics include orphan care, missions, parenting, marriage/intimacy, and faith. Her story-telling style captures audiences, and she draws from her field experience as a missionary and parent for illustrations to biblical concepts. In addition to her latest release, Tales of the Not Forgotten (Standard Publishing 2012), Beth has written Relentless Hope (Standard, 2011) and Reckless Faith (Zondervan, 2008). The Guckenberger family lives and serves in Monterrey, Mexico where they have hosted thousands of guests on their ministry campus. Between biological, foster, and adopted additions to their family, Beth and Todd are raising nine children.

My Review:
 In this book you are invited along to take a long, hard look into five children's lives that seem they will never catch a break. Not until God intervenes and changes everything for them, anyway. The author as a missionary has heard many stories like the ones she writes about. She has opened up her heart, thoughts and memories  to show us how God lives and breathes through the hearts of these children. And how he has manifested himself in their lives and the lives of others for His ultimate glory.

 She tells you in the beginning of the book that some of the stories maybe hard to read but need to be told anyway so that you can see God through the many trials that these children have faced. God brought them through it all.

The Lord works out everything to its proper end.  Proverbs 16:4

 I believe the author wants to make it known to the world that there are children like these everywhere and that these stories are endless. As long as there is a God they will be cared for. Just as he cares for the sparrow He will see to it that they are cared for.

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matthew 6:26)  

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me at no charge for an honest review from Litfuse.