Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: The Princess and the Peanut by:Sue Ganz-Schmitt

About the Book:
Every queen knows that in order to find out if a princess is REAL, one must send the "alleged" princess to bed on a magnificent pile of mattresses, slip in a pea, and see how she sleeps.  But when the royal kitchen is fresh out peas, the queen tries a peanut instead.  The princess turns out to be as real as her food allergies. 

This vibrant and humorous tale inspires, and educates children with allergies, as well as those who live in, and around food sensitive kingdoms.  Includes a food allergy guide for adults, and kid-friendly allergy definitions.

Sue Ganz-SchmittAbout the Author:
Children's book author, mother and philanthropist, Sue Ganz-Schmitt, is passionate about helping children, and families globally. She is co-founder of an AIDS orphanage in Haiti, has traveled to China to help medically challenged orphans, and set up a birthing clinic in rural India. Yet, her writing is inspired by local children with diabetes, severe allergies, leukemia. She graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business (Marketing) in 1986, and now lives now lives in a rural mountain community in Los Angeles with her two daughters and husband. She produces children's musical theater, has sung on Broadway in RENT, and contributes to an L.A. area local paper. 

My Review:
Sue Ganz-Schmitt has become well known for addressing alot of issues that our children have to face on a regular basis and this book proves to be no different. This is a classic fairy tale brought forward in time to meet today's challenges. It is a spin on the classic The Princess and the Pea. Except in this fairy tale the pea is replaced with a peanut which in turn proves dreadful for the princess. It just so happens that the prince is looking for a princess to marry so some changes may just be in order for this royal family.

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**Disclosure** This book was provided to me at no charge for my honest review by the author .