Monday, April 15, 2013

Review:Gift of a Servant by:Tamara Amos

About the Book:
  Santa Reveals His Mission Of Love!
            A father waits up on Christmas Eve night to demand retirement from the hero of his childhood, Santa Claus. The same saint who used to symbolize Christmas spirit is now plastered on advertisements everywhere, driving shoppers into holiday hysteria!  Dear old Dad makes a mistake, however, by forgetting what every child knows:  When Santa comes in the night with a bag full of surprises, he always leaves the perfect gift.

            Gift of a Servant is a glimpse into the soul of one of the most celebrated and beloved saints of our time.  It is a journey into the heart of his mission to bestow God's love upon His children, and an invitation to join him on this holy quest. 
Enter in with an expectant heart to receive the gift Santa Claus has prepared for you!
 Image of Tamara Amos
About the Author:
With a background in ministry and education, Tamara Amos seeks to bring a fresh perspective to modern issues. Author of Gift of a Servant, a Christmas book to be released October 1, 2013 about the meaning of Santa Claus, she has been featured in newspapers, on talk radio, and as a guest speaker in churches, schools, and organizations.
In 2012, Tamara Amos opened Mystical Rose, an inspirational publishing company whose mission is to forge an era of peace through cooperation, creativity, and innovation.

My Review:
 This beautifully illustrated and handsomely bound book would make an excellent addition to your library of holiday books. It will instantly become a classic. Tamara Amos has taken the beloved poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and gave it a unique spin that is sure to delight many children as well as parents. The story begins with a father demanding that Santa return Christ's birthday celebration back to Him by not creating what he believes as materialism in the hearts of all children.

The story takes an unusual turn when Santa shows the father the reason for his appearance all these years. This story is not meant to be a replacement for the true meaning of Christmas. I think it is just a different way to  look at Santa's reason for being. In our home our children have always known that Jesus is the only reason we even have Christmas. And that the happiness that you have about Christmas is only a small portion of the happiness that we will receive compared to that in Heaven. The best thing in this life is the promise of an eternal one.

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