Monday, May 27, 2013

Litfuse Review:Afloat by:Erin Healy

About the Book:
Dark waters are rising.

There’s sabotage lurking in the waters of Eagle’s Talon, an elite floating community designed by gifted architect Vance Nolan. There’s also something else in the water—a mysterious presence friendly to some and hostile to others. And when disaster strikes, not even the saboteur expects it to be the first in a series of crushing blows.

Stranded by a flo
od and surrounded by unnatural darkness, a limping band of residents, builders, and investors set their sights on escape. Single mom Danielle Clement will do whatever it takes to save her young son Simeon, but she doesn’t know who to follow: her charismatic lover and aspiring politician Tony Dean, who dotes on her and her boy, or the selfless Vance, who promises protection for everyone who stays with him—based on a vision and a faith she doesn’t share.

In this watery world where everyone’s secrets will eventually come to light, survival might have more to do with uncovering the truth than with getting out alive.

 Erin Healy
About the Author:
Erin Healy is the best-selling co-author of Burn and Kiss (with Ted Dekker) and an award-winning editor for numerous best-selling authors. She has received wide acclaim for her novels Never Let You Go, The Baker's Wife, House of Mercy, and Afloat. She and her family live in Colorado. If you are interested in purchasing Afloat you can at this link.

My Review:
 This was a unique book to read. It has very interesting plot. A subdivision of sorts built on the water, sounds fun enough, but is it? All is great until, a sinkhole threatens the virtual existence of this very unusual neighborhood.

 Architect Vance Nolan builds condominiums on water. And they are not little shoddy beach either. They are what he calls "elite living spaces" for wealthy owners. Vance starts to notice that the sounds of the construction crew take over for the natural sounds that you would normally hear around a body of water. Before long it is soon realized that there is a mysterious presence found there that noone had anticipated nor can anyone explain.

 Erin Healy is no stranger to this type of writing. She has well rounded characters and a plot that seems to take on a life of its own very quickly. Before long you are entrapped in the suspense and mystery of the cove and the supernatural happenings that have taken everyone by surprise. This book blends supernatural and spiritual to provide entertainment that is thought provoking to say the least.

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me for my honest review by Litfuse.