Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review:Hunt for the Devil's Dragon (The Imagination Station) by:M. Hering&T. Batson

 Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station Book: #11, Hunt for the Devil's Dragon  -     
        By: Marianne Hering & Wayne Thomas Batson
About the Book:
 If you’re brave, follow cousins Beth and Patrick to Libya in the 13th century. The town of Silene is being terrorized by a vicious animal that is eating livestock. The townspeople believe it’s a dragon sent by the devil. In order to appease the beast, the people believe they must offer a human sacrifice—a young girl named Sabra. When Beth tries to help Sabra escape, she too is tied up as an offering for the dragon.

 Meanwhile, Patrick and a new friend named Hazi join Georgius, a Roman knight who is serving in Africa to keep peace. Georgius decides to find the dragon and kill it. Georgius’s plans go awry when Beth and Sabra beg him not to kill the dragon. The girls know the true secret of Silene—the dragon isn’t its worst enemy.

About the Authors:
Wayne Thomas Batson lives in Eldersburg with his beautiful wife of eleven years and his four wonderful young children. Besides dividing his time between family, teaching, and writing, he likes to read, golf, play PS2, travel to the beach, play electric guitar, and create 3D artwork.

My Review:
 I have been waiting to get my hands on a book from this series for a good while now. So excited to share this book with you all! If you know anything about the Adventures in Odyssey brand you know it is a great way to teach the children of today good, sound morals. I love how the older Whit is always trying to show the children how you need to have courage and rely on God especially during times of trouble. This book is no different than the rest of the series in that it shows Beth that sometimes the most popular choice probably isn't to stand up for what is right.But never the less we still need to defend "good" in all we do.

 In Hunt for the Devil's Dragon Beth is faced with a difficult decision when someone at school is accused of doing something that they both know didn't happen. But Beth doesn't come to her friends rescue and she is feeling pretty bad about it. So Whit takes that opportunity to show Beth and Patrick that even though we are afraid sometimes it doesn't mean we are cowards. He decides to show them a real dragon.

 It is an amazing story and one that my boys enjoyed. If you are interested in learning more about this book you can do so here.

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me at no charge for my honest review from Tyndale.