Thursday, May 23, 2013

Review:Prized by:Noelle Toscano

About the Book:
Prized! was written for teenage young women. However, women of all ages can feel free to enjoy the nostalgia of those days. Like rewinding time, you will be vividly reminded of your past. I wrote this book in a way that would give me specific insights into everything I wish I would have known at the time. Prized! addresses self-esteem issues (aka GOD-esteem issues), how to deal with stressful parental relationships, superficiality, dating tips (YIKES!), making and maintaining healthy friendships, among other typical teenage issues. The goal of this book is to inspire young women to glorify God with their entire lives, long before the world expects them to.

My Review:
 The author; Noelle Toscano, has taken her time as a young teenager and wrote a short but very sweet book and Bible study about it. The best thing about this book is it can be done as a group. It is a very short read but that does not hinder the power of this very pink book. Can I just say, I love the cover?!

 The author has done her best to go back in her past to relive some of the memories she had as a teenager. To remember what it was like to be that age. Wanting to be noticed, important and the center of attention but at the same time wanting to hide in the corner. Through the struggles of a young teenage girl all the way up to today. Even as a woman this book took me back to my own time of adolescence and the uncertainty that lurked there.

 We are reminded by the author that God has created us for a purpose and that we must not ever forget to see ourselves as He does. She tells us to keep our eyes on the goal--our "Prize". Which is our relationship with Him so that one day we will be with Him in Glory.

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