Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review:The Christian Alphabet Book by:Tracy Sands

About the Book:
Do you know your Christian ABC’s? The Christian Alphabet Book is a unique, visual, and enjoyable way to learn the basics of Christianity. Love, the dove from above, guides you from A to Z with special Biblical lessons of love for all ages. Similar to learning to read from knowing the regular ABC’s, one will be inspired to know, love, and serve God by learning The Christian Alphabet. The Christian Alphabet Book is more than just a children’s book. It is a book that families can cherish together while sharing its timeless messages that give Glory to God.

About the Author:
 It came from Him, not me.

The Lord inspired me in 1999 one evening at a church choir event. As I sat in the back row, listening to the awesome Christian music, in the dark, an incredible urge to draw came over me. Being an art teacher for 10 years, I had experienced this feeling before, but NEVER had it been so intense. I 'happened' to have a pen in my pocket, but the only paper around was the program that I got as I walked in the door. In the empty space of the margins I sketched like crazy. I felt like I would pop if I didn't get the ideas out of my brain right then! I will never forget that feeling. I had never felt so peaceful yet energized at the same time. God was just getting started with me! Over the course of 9 months we created the Christian ABC's.

Each letter is educational and deep in meaning to me. In them you will find close to 100 ancient and modern images used in the past 2000 years to express the Christian Faith. I have hopes of sharing all of the basic aspects of Christianity with those who really look into The Christian Alphabet.
- Tracy Sands
My Review:
 This book is a virtual gold mine for children ages 4-8. It takes each letter of the alphabet and opens up a whole new world to them and to adults as well. And it quite possibly will teach them about the Bible and all it holds in a totally different and unique way. 

 Upon opening the book you, the reader, will be guided by "Love" the dove from above. The author has thought of everything. This book can be used as a teaching tool for young and old alike. It is laid out in a multipurpose format. Each page is laid out in the different ways I listed below:

The Letter&Word it stands for and its meaning.

The Lesson Highlighted in red and the lesson ends with a prayer.

There is also a seek and you shall find activity page to go along with each lesson. 

 The author was sure to include special Christian word and Bible verses associated with each letter. Choosing to do this, I think makes the entire lesson come together for us beautifully. Then at the back of the book is a condensed version of the Christian Alphabet Symbology. This book is set up so that if your child has a question about Heaven you just look under H and you can dive right in.

 If you are in interested in taking a look at this book you can visit this link. The book retails for $19.95. They also have many other products that may interest you as well here.

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