Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review:Wavelength by:Jeff Petherick

Wavelength, Tuning In To God's Voice In A World of Static
About the Book:
Did God Stop Speaking? Or Did We Stop Listening? Hearing the voice of God is like listening to the radio if you re not dialed in to exactly the right frequency, you ll get nothing but static. Wavelength reveals what happens when a nonreligious businessman learns to tune in God s voice... then dares to obey it. His unorthodox adventures in following Jesus will challenge your thinking, kick over a few sacred cows, and reveal how you can have your own two-way conversations with God.

About the Author:
Jeff Petherick is a portfolio manager and partner in a top-ranked investment firm. When he's not busy picking stocks, he teaches seminars about Jesus and travels the world on mission trips. An avid outdoors-man, Jeff lives in a rural area north of Detroit with his wife and two kids. This is his first book that didn't involve paste and crayons, and was written to prove that ordinary men can do extraordinary things when they obey the voice of God. Karl Nilsson is the communication director for one of America s largest churches. Before working in the ecclesiastical realm, he operated a successful advertising agency. Prior to his career in marketing, he was a syndicated cartoonist, newspaper columnist, and magazine editor. Rejecting the starving artist cliche, he currently lives in a way-too-fancy-for-his-income suburb of Detroit with his wife and two children.

My Review:
 Read about the authors own experience on getting closer to God and learning to listen and behave the way God expects you to. Soon the author and his wife began to see and feel God's overwhelming love when after they both agree that it is time to hand over their daughter's special needs to the Father.

 He speaks of his family venturing out to find a new church and how they knew that the Kensington Community Church was the one for them. And after careful consideration he joins the choir and opening up himself and his family to more and more people he starts hearing more stories about hearing God's voice through all the noise.

 I believe it really is not difficult to hear God's voice. It is only difficult or hard when aren't able to tune the world and all of its static out. God wants to communicate with us. We are His children. He loves us and wants to be there for us. The author shares his own experiences as well as those of others to show God's voice in action.

**Disclosure** This book was provided to me from for my honest review.