Friday, September 27, 2013

Review:Stress:Overcoming Real-Life Issues With God by:Dr. Steven Haymon

 Stress: Overcoming Real-Life Issues with God: Finances, Health, Marriage, Parenting, Careers, Employment, Workplace Violence, Eating Disorders, Grief
About the Book:
Many understand how stress affects us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Its intensity and pressure needs to be addressed or greater difficulties result. However, stress can also harmfully affect other dimensions of our daily lives which we rarely consider. This valuable resource dissects life's circumstances and the impact of stress. Using sound Biblical principles and scriptures, it equips readers to understand and overcome life's challenges. Each reader will be empowered with the tools to combat the effects of stress as it relates to marriages and relationships, parenting, financial habits and activities, Career Choices, Employment, Workplace Violence, Grieving and many specific health issues. This self-help/spiritual resource has been designed to help individuals, marital couples, families, pastors, counselors, therapists and others who work in the helping professions. The principles within this book hold the key to living a healthier and quality lifestyle, leading to better relationships with others, self and God. This book has been strongly endorsed by military personal, clergy, physicians and a broad range of mental health professionals.

About the Author:
Dr. Steven Haymon brings his passion, ministry and almost 40 years experience as a psychotherapist/ consultant to his work with people across the country on issues related to stress. He leads workshops/ trainings with churches, businesses and military groups. With an Ed.D.,Educational Psychology and an M.S.W.,he's completed Christian Educational course work at Bethesda Temple Bible Institute.

My Review:
 The stress of daily life could truly make you sick, not just with something minor such as a cold but something more advanced that could lead to say a heart attack or much, much worse. Dr. Steven Haymon, has written
a very inspiring book on how we can overcome stress that could lead to a debilitating illness by relying on God and his teachings fully and completely. The author has done an excellent job talking us through these different stressors and what we are to do when faced with impossible setbacks in our lives, where if we make the wrong decisions concerning them, they can lead to devastating loss. 

 This book is an essential right now, because with everything going on in this world, we tend to lose focus. God is always withing a prayer's reach if we would just trust Him to take care of us then stress could be a thing of the past.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from

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