Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review:Mama’s Tales of Kanji – The Turtle’s Shell by:Vincent Eke

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About the Book:
The Turtle’s Shell uses wit and a sprinkling of suspense to explore the conflicts of selfish greed versus community sharing. When the land of the animals was plagued by famine a smart turtle, Tobi, stumbles upon a solution. By his cunning and resourcefulness he finds a way to keep the spoils for himself and refused to share with his friends. This led to unfavorable consequences for him when his friends later found out.
“In a way, the book is an exciting, funny, fast paced story of events which led to a tragic result with a happy ending for some of the characters,” Vincent said. “However, embedded in the story are some of life’s fundamental lessons that children need and will learn from the adventure of the main characters.”
About the Author:
The Turtle’s Shell is the first title in Vincent’s first children’s storybook series Mama’s Tales of Kanji. It was inspired by stories he heard as a young child growing up.
Today, when the author is asked why he decided to write this story, his answer was simple: “I felt I had to share this wonderful African folklore tales with today’s children. The exciting stories I heard from my elders as a child growing up have played a huge role in inspiring and challenging me to be my best self. These stories were the first lessons I learned to look for the good in every person or situation. I am having a lot of fun sharing my stories with the children of the world starting with those in my local community.”

My Review:
 Mama, a really older lady from the Kanji village, was a women that all the people of this village admired including the children. The children would gather around Mama under the stars eagerly asking for her to tell one of her many stories about the adventures of Tobi the turtle. In the Kanji forest there was a famine and all the animals of the forest got very worried. They didn't understand why the humans outside of the village were not also sharing in the same problem. It was then that the fish eagle, Zingi suggested that they go to the land of the humans and gather food for their families.

 Tobi had an encounter with a young girl and he used this encounter and what transpired from it to get food for his family. By getting food and only giving it to his family, Tobi's friends were doing quite poorly by this point. Tobi was soon found out and almost met an unfortunate end. This book will teach our children important life lessons about deception, greediness, and kindness. Also be looking for the authors next book in the series entitled "The Golden Bird".

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.