Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review: Genealogy Revelations

  Ever since I was a little girl, my parents always told me where each of their families originated, my Mother's-Germany and my Dads-Ireland&Scotland. I don't really know why they thought I should know but know I did from a very early age. I have never researched my ancestors or my genealogy on my own, I have always wanted too but I have never really had the money or know how to even get started.

 Recently, I had the opportunity to review the process, so I definitely jumped at the assignment. My parents were correct in the information they provided me. I really don't understand much of the report I received because I've never actually done any type research like this before. But I really enjoyed looking at the names and countries of origin. I really wish I had more information on each of the individuals that are my ancestors. I guess that is something I will probably never have, but until then I will enjoy the information I do have.
 Genealogy Revelations is a website offering these services for a fee. The lady behind the website is Ms. Anna Rae--she is the sweetest lady you will ever meet and will communicate with you during the whole process as to not miss one single detail in the investigation process. She has several different packages available, follow this link. To get you started on the journey of learning more about this very fun and unique venture be sure to visit Genealogy Revelations today!

**Disclosure** I was provided with this product free of charge for my honest review from Genealogy Revelations.