Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: Strategic Shopping Ebook by:Candy Foote

About the Product:
Candy Foote is a mother of twelve, which has given her a great incentive to learn how to save!  With each new baby, she became a better shopper.  Now, she teaches others how to do the same through her website,, her classes, and her e-book, Strategic Shopping.

Strategic Shopping is a step-by-step guide that teaches both the novice and the experienced shopper how to save big at the stores. It teaches that Strategic Shopping is all about having a plan and knowing when to buy.

By having a strategy, Candy is able to get rock-bottom prices, FREE items, and even has the stores pay her to shop!Strategic Shopping is a 143 page e-book that will show you how you can do the same. 

In Strategic Shopping, you'll learn:--the exact details for how to use coupons for ultimate savings--the strategies Candy uses to get rock bottom prices and FREE items--how to shop so that the stores pay YOU!--how to save at least 50% off at your grocery store--how to buy "real' food on a budget -- foods like eggs, butter, cheese, milk, bread, organic produce, meat, and more!--the purpose of pantry--the difference between stockpiling and hoarding--how to feed a mega family without living on beans and rice!

Strategic Shopping even shows you how to get the best deals on prescriptions, how to find military discounts and senior citizen discounts! With the knowledge gained with Strategic Shopping, you can quit buying generic brands and fill your pantry with all brand name items at deep, deep discounts. 

About the Creator:
Candy Foote is a Christian, wife to one, momma to 12, and grandmother to 4, so far (Number 5 is due in May!)  She is a homeschool veteran of 21 years.  As a homeschooling mother of a mega family, Candy has learned many Strategic Shopping tips that have allowed her to stay at home while her husband, Jud, was the only breadwinner of the family.

Candy runs a website filled with free information on how you can become a Strategic Shopper.  She also enjoys going into people's homes and teaching them through her Strategic Shopping workshops.

Candy considers it her ministry to help other families learn how to live a quality life, while keeping money in their pockets.

My Review:
Just after the holidays, I find myself in a weird after-holiday fog where it seems that I was turned upside down by all the big spending that I did in the recent months. But recently I ran across a good friends strategy to avoid all that fuss throughout the year by couponing. My friends name is Candy Foote, yes you read that right and she knows her stuff. She is a mother of 12 children and she knows how to shake those supermarket shelves till all the money falls out. With the recent release of her e book Strategic Shopping, you will learn some sure-fire steps to saving those precious dollars that your family works so incredibly hard for some items your family can use to fill the pantry or even for donating.

 With her methods you start out small and slow and reap big, big, big all the way to your home with your pockets more full than when you left. I have never done well at this couponing thing, but it has always intrigued me. I have tried and tried to make it work but it just has never took off well or stuck like it does for so many others. Candy knows what that's like so she has stepped in to save the day and to save you some money. And if that wasn't enough she has a Christmas version, Christmas with Strategic Shopping, to help you save there as well.

And if you enjoy Facebook parties there will be one tomorrow night concerning the launch of these books, if you want in on it, follow this link.