Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review&Giveaway: Dino Dan Trek's Adventures DVD

About the DVD:
Trek learns that he can see dinosaurs just like his older brother Dan! His first dino experiment is to find out whether the Albertosaurus hunts in packs or on its own.  Then Grandma helps Trek with his homework for art class, and together they create a comic book entitled “Tyrannosaurus Trek” about a caveman superhero who saves all the dinosaurs when a volcano erupts.  Learn about how dinosaurs lived and thrived in the prehistoric era in these five dino-riffic adventures!

Stories Include:
Team Dino
Use Your Dino Senses
Dino Climbers 
Tyrannosaurus Trek 

SRP: $9.96
This DVD is available at WALMART stores and on line at link.

My Review:
 My little gummy bear loves dinosaurs. He maybe only three but he knows all about them from their names to what they will eat. If you show him a picture of one he will tell you all about them. He even watches documentaries all about dinosaurs. He owns several movies and tons of toys all in relation to dinosaurs. His favorite adult movie on the subject is Jurassic Park. He just loves these amazing creatures so much.

 So I knew once he knew that we were getting this movie in the mail to review, he would be beside himself and he was. He loves Dino Dan very much. He says that Dino Dan is actually him. Which I completely agree with. If you have a child or children fascinated with everything "dinosaur" then this is the movie for them. My sponsor would like to give you a chance to win your very own so please enter below.

**Disclosure** This DVD was provided to me free of charge for my honest review from NCircle Entertainment.