Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: Water & Weather: From the Flood to Forecasts by: DeRosa/Reeves

Water & Weather: From the Flood to Forecasts
About the Book:
Learn about zones in the ocean, from warm, clear water to the deepest, coldest places. Find out the facts about the weather cycle, earth's purification system, weather instruments, and more!

Discover the important connection between water and fossils-how this helped to form, alter, and reveal them.

Science unfolds as activities bring alive the natural curiosity of children. This new title covers not only the weather and varying climates around the world, but explores the results of weather events in the past. The great Flood was a cataclysmic event that left behind fossils, and these impressions reveal much about what happened during and after this historical event. Form a connection between this biblical history and the world experienced outside your door as natural processes like rain and wind are shown to be forces at work in the environment!

About the Authors:
Tom DeRosa is an experienced science teacher and a committed creationist. He has incorporated both his passions in the founding and the directing of the Creation Studies Institute, a growing national creation organization whose chief focus is education. His wealth of experience in the public school, Christian school, and homeschool markets for over 35 years has given special insights into what really works in engaging young minds. He is an author and sought-out, enthusiastic creation speaker who has a genuine love for the education of our next generation.

Carolyn Reeves is especially skilled at creating ways to help students develop a greater understanding of not just scientific concepts, but also how these are applied within the world around us. Carolyn retired after a 30-year career as a science teacher, finished a doctoral degree in science education, and began a new venture as a writer and an educational consultant. She and her husband make their home in Oxford, Mississippi, where they are active members of North Oxford Baptist Church. The Reeves have three children, three in-law children, and ten grandchildren.

My Review:
 The Water&Weather: From Flood to Forecasts is an excellent book filled with tons of hands on learning for your children that are studying general science. Perfect for elementary school aged children, grades 3-6, the Water&Weather: From Flood to Forecasts is filled with short science lessons with a science experiment used to demonstrate the learned activity.

 This is one of many in the Investigate the Possibilities Series published by Master Books, the expert behind creation science. You can find out more about the rest of the series here. And you will find more information on Master Books at this link.

 I teach both of my older boys together when it comes to science. My 8 year old is in third grade and my 11 year old is in fifth grade. We sat together for the read aloud of the lesson and my oldest child aged 16 worked the experiment with my two boys because I do not enjoy science as much as the three of them do. They found the experiments easy to do and it was very easy to find the items needed for the experiments because they are usual common household items.

 The lessons in the book are short and to the point. The lessons include observation, things to think about, then review questions at the end of each section to further your children's learning on the lesson material. This book is available for purchase at this link and is $12.99 (paperback), there is also a student journal and teacher guide available as well.

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**Disclosure** I received a copy of this product/book free of charge for my honest review through my participation in the Moms of Master Books Review Group.