Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: The Making of a Prophet by:Jennifer LeClaire

The Making of a Prophet: Practical Advice for Developing Your Prophetic Voice
About the Book:
You've heard the holy call to prophetic ministry.
Now what?
In this book, leading prophetic voice Jennifer LeClaire guides readers along the journey of a prophet-- from the initial call all the way through to maturity.
This "making" process is anything but easy. But LeClaire offers honest, accessible counsel to help you move into your prophetic call. Her spiritual insights will help you overcome the fear of man, identify and eliminate wrong motives and, above all, pursue intimacy with God.
Many prophets are called . . . but not everyone endures the "making process" to his or her prophetic destiny.
God is looking for people to entrust with the secrets of His heart.
Embrace the journey toward your call with this comprehensive, practical guide, and experience the awesome process of being formed into a mouthpiece for the God of the universe.

About the Author:
Jennifer LeClaire is a prophetic voice and teacher with a growing media ministry. She directs IHOP-Fort Lauderdale and serves as news editor of Charisma magazine. In addition, she writes one of Charisma's most popular prophetic columns, "The Plumb Line," and frequently contributes to Charisma's Prophetic Insight newsletter. Her media ministry includes her website; 40,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube; and a growing newsletter list. She lives in south Florida.

My Review:
 If you are looking for a virtual guidebook to guide you after the calling into prophetic ministry, then this is the book for you. As the author so plainly shows us her experience, she had written this book only after searching for a book to explain what to do after God had spoken to her. But as she states she could only find ones that explained hearing God and that is when she knew she needed to write one herself. So this book is for those struggling with the notion on what to do next after embracing the fact that this is their calling.

 Many of the things the author notes my husband and I have applied to our situation, he being called in to the ministry as a pastor. I see alot of similarities in the calling process that we have had to endure in the past few years so I can definitely agree with many of the author's points. There were many prophets in the Bible for us to glean truth from. They weren't all the same but many of the ways God chose to work out their callings are similar.

 I know in our process, the timing has been very slow. It has been hard to have the patience and the perseverance to see it through. So much so that it will cause you to question it time and time again. I think the calling into any of the gifting's of the ministry are very serious ones and are not something that you should take lightly. Being called by God is a huge honor with unlimited possibilities!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Chosen.