Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: That Crazy Little Thing by:Kate Bracy

 That Crazy Little Thing
About the Book:
There’s nothing about her life that doesn’t need a little work, so Melanie Davis thinks of herself as a “fixer-upper.” Her history with men leaves her gun shy; her teenaged daughter can’t string two civil words together; her best friend Donna just found out she has a life-threatening illness. When Donna also reveals a decades-old secret that still haunts her, Melanie makes it her mission to solve the mystery and reunite Donna with a precious link to her past – before it’s too late. Along the way Melanie discovers with startling clarity the pricelessness of love and friendship.

With a finely-tuned emotional compass, Kate Bracy carries us through a trial-by-illness as funny as it is touching. Her narrator, Melanie, comes to realize the enduring power of love – between men and women, between mothers and daughters, between friends. Through her vivid, endearing characters Bracy creates a small-town world in northern New York where old loves rekindle, friendships prevail, and secret wounds are finally healed. This debut novel will leave you with an awakened heart and a strong urge to send postcards to all the people you love.

My Review:
 A touching story centered around Melanie Davis, a single mother just trying to "get it right for once". I felt really bad for her, because she just wants her life to work out the way she has envisioned. But instead she has trouble finding Mr. Right and her teenaged daughter isn't making things any easier. Before long Donna, Melanie's best friend has a fight all her own. But it doesn't phase Melanie one bit, she is ready to jump to her friends side and help her champion this fight.

 Suddenly through someone else's  trials the main character--Melanie sees life differently as she witnesses some amazing events that will leave you the reader wanting more. The author has done an amazing job at making the characters come alive!

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.