Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review:When I Grow Up I Want To Be...a Firefighter! by:WIGU Publishing

 When I Grow Up I Want To Be...a Firefighter! (When I Grow Up I Want To Be...)
About the Book:
Will was excited to go on his class field trip, until he learned they would be touring the local firehouse. Now, he is dreading the trip. For as long as he can remember, Will has been afraid of fire and, worse than that, firefighters! Though he knows firefighters are heroes who do dangerous work, to him they are giants in heavy coats and masks. As he journeys with his class through the fire station, Will and readers alike are introduced to the exciting world of firefighting. Can Will overcome his fears and maybe even learn something surprising about himself?

About the Author:
Wigu Publishing is a collaboration between talented and creative individuals working together to publish informative and fun books for our children. Our titles serve to introduce children to the people in their communities who serve others through their vocations. Wigu's books are unique in that they help our children to visualize the abundant opportunities that exist for them to be successful and to make a difference. Our goal is to inspire the great leaders and thinkers of tomorrow.

Wigu's newly released children's book series, When I Grow Up I Want To Be..., features vocations many children dream about - a firefighter, a teacher, a soldier, a doctor - all combining engaging elements of storytelling with real world facts and information. Both educational and fun, the fully illustrated book series takes its readers on a journey of discovery, exploring how one finds their career, learns the necessary skills, and how they excel and grow within their chosen field.

My Review:
 If your child would love to know what it would be like to have a story all about him or her, I know of a way to make that dream or thought a reality. When I Grow Up Books also known as WIGU Publishing is a way to have this become a reality, just follow this link to learn more. They have very educational and authoritative books that take a child's favorite activity, adventure or dream and put it into a book to share with the world. What child wouldn't jump at the chance to do something this spectacular?!

 In their latest publication we are invited along on a field trip that includes a little boy by the name of Will, to a firehouse. Will has always been terrified of fire and anything related to it, even firefighter. Who wouldn't be scared of these individuals in these big, heavy coats and darkened masks? Will and his classmates learned so much information on that trip. So much so that Will was no longer afraid, he learned that all firefighters are afraid of fire too. But they still have to overcome that fear to do their job and to rescue others. By the end of the story this one field trip changed everything for Will.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher.