Friday, April 18, 2014

Litfuse Review: Mom Seeks God by:Julia Roller

Mom Seeks God: Finding Grace in the Chaos
About the Book:
The first months and years of motherhood can be the most challenging and disorienting of your life and faith. When you re surrounded by the happy chaos of children, how do you spend quiet time with God if the only quiet time you get is while you sleep? How can you demonstrate a solid spiritual life to your children if you don t have time to pursue one yourself? 

When Julia Roller discovered that her spiritual growth had been stunted by the busyness of life with her toddler, she embarked on a yearlong journey through ten spiritual disciplines: prayer, fellowship, submission, study, simplicity, silence, worship, fasting, service, and celebration. As she focused on each discipline, she discovered practical ways to observe them even in the chaos of her every day.

About the Author:
Julia Roller is an author and editor. Her books include Mom Seeks God,  A Year with God (with Richard J. Foster), A Year with Aslan, and  25 Books Every Christian Should Read. Working with Renovar√©, she has also co-authored four spiritual formation guides, including Connecting with God, Learning from Jesus, Living the Mission, and Prayer and Worship. She has written study guides for authors such as Desmond Tutu, Richard J. Foster, Henri Nouwen, Jenna Bush, and Rob Bell. Her articles have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, Street Spirit, Group, Rev.!, and Children's Ministry. She and her family live in San Diego, California. Visit her online at

My Review:
 Being a mom  is the hardest job I have ever had. Separating our love for our children from our responsibility to parent them is an ongoing battle of wills inside ourselves. I am having to constantly remind myself after an intense moment with my children that it is for their own good, and that's only after I just told them that and that one statement brought on tears. God, as our Father models the behavior that we have to take with our own children. And I imagine it is equally hard for Him to raise us as well. But He loves us and that is something I want my children to know and feel. I want them to know that unconditional love that a relationship with Him brings.

 Mom Seeks God, is a book written to help us on the trek of raising our children to follow "The Light". It gives us mom an outlet to pursue our faith more fervently in the hopes to lead our children to Him as well. It all begins at home is a popular phrase in our home. My husband and I believe that it all begins with us leading our children to a God that will forever love them.

 The author has included tips from her own experiences and through the experiences of others to teach us how to faithfully live out our faith in front of our children. She has even provided tips to help us achieve our goals.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Litfuse Publicity.