Thursday, April 3, 2014

Review: Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener by:Classroom Friendly Supplies

Firehouse Red
About the Product:
A Must Have For Every Teacher
A Unique and Practical Teacher Gift
Old School Retro Look
Quiet Sharpening Eliminates Classroom Interruptions
Automatic Stopping Once the Perfect Point is Formed. This will prevent over sharpening!
Works on Standard Sized Pencils
Clear Plastic Disposal Tray for Easy Cleaning
Easy to Use
Sturdy Metal Frame (3"x3"x5")
Portable or Mounts to a Surface (clamp included)

About the Company: 
Troy DeCoff is an elementary school teacher and the owner of Classroom Friendly Supplies. He first started selling these sharpeners after realizing that many fellow teachers were also completely fed up with the loud and inefficient pencil sharpeners that they had in their classrooms. Classroom Friendly Supplies has thousands of happy customers and the feedback has all been consistently the same and extremely positive. 
My Review:
 Upon receiving the beautiful, firehouse red pencil sharpener pictured above, I thought there is no way this pencil sharpener is quiet. But after getting everything set up for it to be used, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that, indeed it is. I remember as a child growing up in the public school system that every time the pencil sharpener was in use, it disturbed the classroom.

With our family being a homeschool family it is no different, for some reason my children look up to see who is sharpening their pencil. So with this product that looking up from their work instinct is no longer an issue. I love this pencil sharpener because it is so quiet but also because its retro&can be purchased in many different colors. My children appreciate it because it's easy to use and that they can see into the disposal tray without taking the entire product off the wall. Its also easy for little hands to use, starting at 5 years of age.
  The company, Classroom Friendly Supplies, that sent us this lovely product to try out is a great company to work with and they have several ways you can purchase their sharpeners. You can purchase them individually, packs of 3 or in packs of 36. The price for 1 sharpener is listed for $24.99, and can be ordered at this link. To learn more about the prices for bigger orders or any of their other products please visit this link

**Disclosure** This product was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the Classroom Friendly Supplies Company.