Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Review: Tani's Search for the Heart by:Keith Egawa/Chenoa Egawa

 Tani's Search for the Heart
About the Book:
Heartbroken over the loss of her beloved grandmother, Tani, a Native American girl of the Coast Salish people, remembers her grandmother's parting advice to journey into the forest to search for "the heart of all things." Not knowing if she will recognize the answers she seeks, but certain she must abide by her grandmother's wishes, Tani embarks on a quest through the wilds of the Pacific Northwest; unexpectedly finding her way into a world of Coast Salish legend, tradition and self-discovery.

About the Authors:
Keith and Chenoa Egawa are a brother and sister writing and illustrating team of Lummi and S'Klallam Indian ancestry. Keith is a published novelist with experience in education reform and social work. His extensive work with families has provided him with both inspiration and insight into his subject matter. In addition to literary readings for adult audiences, Keith has conducted writing workshops for Native youth throughout the US. Chenoa has worked as a professional illustrator, international indigenous human rights advocate, actor, and is a traditional ceremonial leader, storyteller and singer.

She was a fellowship recipient from the Institute of Current World Affairs, and traveled throughout Central and South America facilitating communication between indigenous peoples to protect and preserve traditions, languages, and homelands. Chenoa has also worked in the public school system to create programs that teach Native American culture and history, empowering Native youth, and inspiring a broader appreciation for the wealth of traditional knowledge from the First Peoples, to benefit all people of today’s world.

My Review:
 Precious Tani, knows what it feels like to feel broken. Over the loss of her grandmother, she realizes there are things that she has yet to accomplish. The feeling inside her and the drive within compel her to seek the things that her grandmother advised her to look for--the heart of all things. In the story she relies on animal friends to help guide her towards the answer she seeks, all along not knowing where or what she may find, she continues on.

 Through her journey of self discovery she was able to finally find that which her grandmother instructed her to look for residing inside her heart all along. And I believe it was through this difficult loss that this young child will go on to be a help and inspiration to those around her just as her grandmother was.

 This story was a very tried and true type of story, it could really help any child suffering from the loss of someone dear to their heart.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the author.