Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review: Homeless To Hall Of Fame by:Capt. Shane Watson

Homeless to Hall of Fame
About the Book:
I dedicate this book to all the children of divorce, both young and old, who are searching for meaning and peace in their lives. I want to give them hope. After forty years of searching, I have finally come to peace with my own life. I now realize that God loves me, and even when I didn’t realize he was there, he was watching over me and leading me. My message to all children of divorced parents out there is: God loves you. He is protecting you and watching out for you. He has a will and purpose for your life. He will show you the way. No matter how bad things seem right now, keep breathing and keep believing. Even though your earthly mother or father may have let you down, your heavenly Father will not.

In my story, I hope you can find yourself, and that my lifetime of loss and searching will help you in your life’s walk. I wish I could have learned the lesson of Isaiah 41:10 when I was a child. It would have helped me through some very dark times. I ask you to please read this verse every day of your life and believe it, all of your days. 

About the Author:
Over the last thirty years Shane Watson has become one of the most respected fishing fleet operators in America. He has been featured on television and in print media around the world. His fishing reports and teachings have influenced a generation of people.  Shane Watson is a devoted father, husband, mentor, and a member of First Baptist Church of Atlanta. In January, 2010, Shane Watson was inducted into “The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame” as a Legendary Guide. A statement from the hall of fame reads, By induction to the Hall, Shane Watson’s pioneering spirit will always be remembered.

My Review:
 I am not a child of divorce but was interested in reviewing this book to see how the author related to the cards he was dealt and what God had meant to him then and now. The author begins most of the book with his childhood---his story if you will and then relates to us God's place in it all. No one knows God's will  and sometimes it seems as a human being nearly impossible to follow His will. Thats when we need His help after all if we depend on ourselves, what pray tell do you need Him for?

 The author seems to realize this in his life early on. My husband has went through something very similar ans as a result has lost all respect and trust for his mother. When my husband embarked on the calling to ministry, he never realized what the lack of trust for his mother would do to impact his journey. Sometimes forgiving those that have hurt us so deeply will be required to get closer to God. It will also be necessary to fulfill His calling in our life.

 This book is almost an exact replica of my husbands life and I know what a struggle his past has caused in his adult life. I wish that, for no child! I hope they know an unadulterated love that only God can give very early on in their lives so that they are able to lead a mighty life for a mighty God.

**Disclosure**I received this book free of charge for my honest review from Life Sentence Publishing