Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Rescue The Captors by:Russell Stendal

Rescue the Captors
About the Book:
American bush pilot Russell Stendal, on routine business, landed his plane in a remote Colombian village. Gunfire exploded throughout the town and within minutes Russell's 142 day ordeal had begun. The Colombian cartel explained that this was a kidnapping for ransom and that he would be held until payment was made. Held at gunpoint deep in the jungle and with little else to occupy his time, Russell got ahold of some paper and began to write. He told the story of his life and kept a record of his experience in the guerrilla camp. His "book" became a bridge to the men who held him hostage and now serves as the basis for this incredible true story of how God's love penetrated a physical and ideological jungle. 

About the Author:
Russell Stendal was born in Minneapolis and raised on the mission field in Colombia, South America. He became a missionary jungle pilot at age nineteen. Almost ten years later he was kidnapped in 1983 by Marxist rebels and held hostage for five months. His book, Rescue the Captors, relates his experience, including how God worked in the hearts of the rebels.

Russell has written many other books, produced videos, and edited two Bible translations, the Spanish Reina-Valera 2000 and the Jubilee Bible in English.
Russell heads up the work of Colombia Para Cristo which operates 12 radio stations involving over 100 staff and coworkers and covering much of Latin America with the Gospel. A thriving underground church has developed in remote jungle areas of Colombia. New high gain antennas are now beaming the Gospel message deep into areas of deepening crisis across the borders of Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil as well as throughout Colombia.

My Review:
 Russell Stendal is not your ordinary missionary. God placed something special on this man's heart, at a very early age. As a young boy he placed a little nugget on his Dad's heart to one day become a missionary. After a prayer to the Lord above about God placing it in his Dad's heart to become a missionary to an Indian tribe in South America----and God fulfilling that desire, this family was up and running on a mission of a lifetime.

 After his father gathered his family to move to this faraway land to show these people God's love for them--Russell began learning what it takes to be a missionary and a desire that one day would bring him in a fight for his life like no other. This man and his story has touched so many lives that would not have been reached otherwise. As he tells his story of being held captive for 142 days, you feel the raw emotion and the author's tough as nails faith. This man has went above and beyond for the Lord, he still is winning souls to this day. God never leaves our side and this is something evident in, Rescue The Captors

 If you would like to purchase this awe inspiring story, you can do so at this link.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Life Sentence Publishing.