Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review: The Illusion of More by:Harris III

 The Illusion of More: The Trick to Finding Faith in a World of Deception
About the Book:
Is the grass really greener on the other side?
  … Or is this the ultimate illusion? 
  The first man and woman were closer to God than any other creature
on Earth. They had everything they could have ever wanted: healthy
timeless bodies, an endless supply of food and water, and a beautiful
garden in which to live and play. Still, they reached for the mirage of MORE.

What is the great illusion that each of us falls prey to in life? More. More money = more contentment. More things = more satisfaction. More success = more happiness. Like Adam and Eve, we still eat the forbidden fruit today. We are tricked into thinking that the One Thing that does offer lasting joy, purpose and contentment is not enough. As a result, the very things we pursue always remain out of reach because we bought into the ultimate illusion. Join Master Illusionist Harris III on an unforgettable journey, as he shows you how to:
    Expose the lies you have been believing and replace them with life-changing Truth. Unmask the mirage of more” and discover the secrets to joy and contentment.Stop allowing the deceiver to prevent you from living your life to its fullest. Open your eyes, discover the source of true fulfillment, and never fall for the Illusion of More again!

About the Author:
Harris III is an award-winning master illusionist who has spent more than a decade communicating life-changing truths about the tricks and deceptions played on people. He has earned respect as an artist, but to many, he is an equally respected communicator. Whether telling a story, speaking candidly from his heart, or performing magic, his ultimate goal is to inspire and challenge people, initiating change and transformation.

My Review:
 Satan speaks to you through your fear, what a very strong power he has over the human mind. The author goes on to say that while faith is very powerful he also believes fear to be just as powerful as well. Quote from the book"...if faith is the substance of things hoped for (Hebrews 11:1), then fear is the substances of things dreaded." As human beings we have a want in us to always have more--more of everything.

 Where does the "want" for more come from and how do we avoid falling victim to it? The author takes various truths from the Bible to illustrate Satan's power over us and but also God's power over him to force him under authority and show Satan just how bound he really is. Although the book is short in length it was a very good reminder for me to not yield to the spirit of "more". It is something that Satan uses to drive us towards him and further away from our Father. God's will is our ultimate goal and we should follow that and NEVER give in to the fear that will not get us to our goal which is ultimately His goal.

 As many times as the feeling of greed and wanting more has caused others to fall, you would think that we would learn from their examples but too many times, we don't. I know in my experience and that of my husband, we have had a very trying time remaining in God's will no matter what the situation. We say that we have a marriage of three; you, God, and me. If we crave to stay in God's will I truly believe we will not give into fear. Fear will bind us and turn us over to the enemy. The author has offered excellent commentary to show us how to fight our way through this stronghold.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Fun.