Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Sons of God's Generals by:Joshua Frost

Sons of God's Generals: Unlocking the Power of Godly Inheritance
About the Book:
True Stories from the Children of Great Ministry Leaders
Unlock the Power of Godly Inheritance!

One generation shall praise Your works to another,
And shall declare Your mighty acts.

—Psalm 145:4

Go behind closed doors with the sons and daughters of modern world changers, as the next generation shares personal stories of what it was like growing up being the children of God’s generals.

In transparent, tell-all chapters, you will read first hand experiences from the children of:
• Bill and Beni Johnson
• Heidi and Rolland Baker
• Randy and DeAnne Clark
• John and Carol Arnott
• Mike and Diane Bickle
• Lou and Therese Engle
• Che and Sue Ahn
• Georgian and Winnie Banov
• Jack and Trisha Frost

Be inspired… as the next generation shares their raw testimonies of encountering God—building their own personal relationships with Jesus

Be encouraged… as you witness secrets to building a long-lasting godly inheritance that you can pass on to the next generation.

About the Author:
Joshua and his wife, Holly Nicole Mack Frost, reside in Redding, CA with their two children. Joshua moved to Redding to become a part of Bill and Beni Johnson’s Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Joshua and Holly’s life ministry at present is to continue to be mentored by Generals. Presently Joshua is on Staff with Bethel Church as one of the Custodian Managers.

My Review:
 We all as part of God's family have a part or role in His army. And as you travel the long, narrow way you will soon see others that have a higher ranking than you meaning they have been traveling that road a lot longer then you have. These leaders or mentors are considered to be God's Generals---those people that can be an example and to help keep us "newbies" accountable because they have already been there and done that. Their knowledge and advice is priceless---and so needed.  The author of Sons of God's Generals, has written a book that highlights the fruits grown by these mentors and their stories in which they helped these from a younger generation reach a better potential in God's Army through their guidance and perseverance. This book was a great read with tons of encouragement!

 We will soon be embarking on Pastoral ministry, and the chapter I enjoyed the most was the first chapter where the person reflecting was a pastor's kid growing up. I wonder about this subject the most, because soon my children will be classified as "pastor kids" and we are worried about what effect this will have on their lives. We try so hard to instill in them a love for God that can not be burnt out by the flames of this world, so we are putting it in God's hands---number one because they are safe there. The person reflecting spoke of authenticity and this is definitely something we try to live out. We are the same at home as we are at church.

 Many times we think that we actually scare potential "friends" away because of this fact about us. Authenticity scares people mainly because they are afraid that they too must be authentic and maybe they aren't ready for that or they have things that they would rather keep to themselves. We on the other hand want you to be real with us just like we are real with you. And he was dead on when he said it develops a trust between the individuals. We need to be authentic and real with each other it helps us to grown in Christ! We all need help to be better at revealing our true selves to each other and we also need to be released from the fear of doing so.

If you would like to learn more about this book, you can visit this link to learn more.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from Book Fun.

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