Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Review: Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door by:Denette Fretz

 Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door
About the Book:
I hear that becoming a cowboy can be dangerous. Especially if you don't know the rules.

I don t know the rules.

It s a good thing Conrad brought his Mega Ultimate Extreme First Aid Kit to Uncle Clint s ranch because learning how to be a cowboy turns out to be a lot harder and more painful than he thought. Conrad has a lot to learn including don t squat with spurs on and never wave your red sweatshirt at a bull. But the biggest challenge of all is dealing with Imogene Louise Lathrup, the know-it-all-cowgirl next door. When Imogene shows up, she is all too happy to point out Conrad s shortcomings. In this follow-up to their debut hit Pirates on the Farm, author Denette Fretz and illustrator Gene Barretta team up once again to tell a humorous tale about what it means to love your neighbor."

About the Author:
Denette Fretz is a first grade teacher whose passion is crafting inventive, engaging stories that encourage life-application of biblical principles. Fretz resides in Oregon with her husband, two teenage children, a sassy cat, and a spastic Jack-A-Bee.

My Review:
 Love your Enemies, is something Jesus tried to teach us to do well. But even after all these years we still have trouble getting it right. Even our children and those in later generations will always have this same problem. This is the most precious book to drive home that point to our children.  Geared towards the 4-8 age group, Conrad is a little boy that would like to learn how to be a cowboy but he always has the young next door neighbor, Imogene bugging him about it. Whether it's Imogene assisting him on how to ride a horse or on how to be a cowboy, this little girl doesn't realize how hurtful her words can be.

 As soon as Imogene falls from grace as she gets off her high horse. Conrad quickly comes to her aid, like any friend should do, even though Imogene treated him poorly. His Uncle Clint advises him that he has learned the most important rule about being a cowboy and it is Forgive Your Enemies, it messes up their heads. Full of life lessons and pure heart, this children's book is helpful in other ways as well. There is a poetic vocabulary section as well as a page in the back of the book that the author chooses to share something from her own personal experience related to the story.

 It is really hard as a child to be taught how to respond to unkind words and actions from others. But in Conrad and the Cowgirl Next Door, Conrad is able to show Imogene as well as all the children that hear his story a thing or two about loving our enemies even when it hurts. If you would like to learn more about this book, you can do so at this link.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me for my honest review from the Z Blog Squad and Zondervan.

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