Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Review: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by:Sara Hagerty

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet: Tasting the Goodness of God in All Things
About the Book:
In the age of fingertip access to answers and a limitless supply of ambitions, where do we find the God who was birthed in dirt and straw? Sara Hagerty found him when life stopped working for her. She found him when she was a young adult mired in spiritual busyness and when she was a new bride with doubts about whether her fledgling marriage would survive. She found him alone in the night as she cradled her longing for babies who did not come. She found him as she kissed the faces of children on another continent who had lived years without a mommy s touch.

In Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet, Hagerty masterfully draws from the narrative of her life to craft a mosaic of a God who leans into broken stories. Here readers see a God who is present in every changing circumstance. Most significantly, they see a God who is present in every unchanging circumstance as well.

Whatever lost expectations readers are facing in family, career, singleness, or marriage Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet will bring them closer to a God who longs for them to know him more. What does it look like to know God s nearness when life breaks? What does it mean to receive his life when earthly life remains barren? How can God turn the bitterness of unmet desire into new flavors of joy?

With exquisite storytelling and reflection, Hagerty brings readers back to hope, back to healing, back to a place that God is holding for them alone a place where the unseen is more real than what the eye can perceive. A place where every bitter thing is sweet."

About the Author:
Sara is a wife to Nate and a mother of five whose arms stretched wide across the ocean to Africa. After almost a decade of Christian life she was introduced to pain and perplexity and, ultimately, intimacy with Jesus. God met her and moved her when life stopped working for her. His Word and His whisper took on new shape and form to her in the dark. Sara writes regularly about life-delays, finding God in the unlikely, motherhood, marriage and adoption at www.EveryBitterThingisSweet.com.

My Review:
 Sara Hagerty had learned to live with the understanding that she would never have a child. But she remembered all the good times, God was with her. Through her teenage years and her early ministry, He helped her through the hardest of times.

 When she was first married, she had doubts like any other newlywed. But through the love of her sweet husband and the grace of God she found her way through it. As the time comes for the happy couple to start making plans to extend their family, Sara and her husband feel incomplete and lost because they are having some trouble in that area.

 Soon God places on their hearts the idea of adoption and its not long before their hearts are wanting to take in more babies than they had ever imagined. Sara tells of her experiences with God in a beautiful way to encourage and inspire us all. She chose God over bitterness! She wants us to walk away from reading her book feeling confident in God and all He is able to do in your life, if you just allow Him to.

 I loved her book, her message and I pray that it inspires many!

If you would like to learn more about this book, you can here.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the publisher.

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