Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: How To Survive Middle School and Monster Bots by:Ron Bates

 How to Survive Middle School and Monster Bots
About the Book:
Sometimes, being smart just isn t enough

It s been a rough semester for Howard Boward, science genius. Not only is he having to dodge winter s most feared weapon (snowballs), his close friend, Winnie McKinney, is barely speaking to him. If that weren t enough, he s the favorite target of some bullies who seem determined to make life at Dolley Madison Middle School as miserable as possible. But then Howard learns about an upcoming robot-building contest finally a chance to show off his science skills and beat archrival Gerald G-Force Forster! Unfortunately, the only way to win is by using his secret monster goo, a formula that has terrifying side effects. Can Howard resist the temptation? Or will he unleash a robot rampage that could destroy the town and ruin the school dance?"

About the Author:
Ron Bates is a novelist and humor columnist who writes about secret laboratories, monsters, bullies, robots, cafeteria food, and other perils of middle school. A former newspaper reporter, he is the author of How to Make Friends and Monsters, How to Survive Middle School and Monster Bots, the comic book series Brawn, and numerous poems and plays for kids who like to laugh. He lives in Texas.

My Review:
 Howard Boward has a problem, he's smart, but apparently not smart enough to have known about a science club at his school. When he finds out about the club from his academic rival, he decides to talk to his favorite teacher about getting into the club. Soon the club is abuzz about this contest that they all want to enter---a contest dedicated to robot building. Howard really wants to enter this contest but he has very little time to prepare. So Howard goes to his secret lab to begin working on his creation. After several failed attempts, he decides to bring out the big guns and use monster goo. In spite of the warnings from his friend, he decides to use the monster goo anyway, even though that it could spell trouble to mankind.

 Soon there are several things to worry about after his so-called invention. There are prombies that are fascinated with the school dance that is upon the school. There is some bullying happening that Howard is ready to take action against but he finds out quickly that going to his older brother for help is a big mistake. If you would like to learn more about this book, you can do so here.

**Disclosure** This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from the Z Blog Squad.

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